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  1. Oh and a clarification to that article. I followed the Cease and Desist letter! (to the letter!)
    Ironic eh? I Pulled down all the KSFO audio within a day and I have the ftp log files to prove it. The blog was STILL. SHUT. DOWN.
    When you all follow this keep in mind their response. Notice how the right wingnut o sphere in radio, and blogs respond and react.
    You can help by noting and anticipating excuses, faux arguments and noting what is distortion and what is reality.
    The talk radio world always wins with their own self generated controversy; until someone loses an advertiser. Then it’s lawyers, guns and money. I know.
    Our community of liberals and bloggers are regularly attacked in the rightwing radio world as a money generating gambit. My friends are journalists, liberals and regular ol’ Muslims. I don’t appreciate that.
    Yes. They are free to call us dirty hippies and un-serious kids, but even if their calls to hang us are dismissed as a joke and not seen as raising to the level of inciting violence, companies usually have their OWN guidelines and rules about who they choose to support with their advertising dollars.Nobody’s free speech is limited, in fact we WANT the advertisers to hear exactly what they are paying to be next to.
    But now talk radio’s ability to making millions of dollars a year with it is curtailed. THAT is what is different. I only have confirmation that they lost ONE advertiser this time (admittedly a big one) but note the reaction. Cindy Sheehan didn’t COST Melanie Morgan a dime, in fact she was in LA pitching her “bash Cindy by pretending it’s a story about someone else” book American Mourning to Hollywood.
    But I (and a few of my readers) have cost them a dime and we have (Of course now I’m going to get called into the board room like Howard Beale in Network. Already I can hear Ned Beatty’s character’s voice booming in my head, ‘YOU have meddled with the primal forces of nature. And YOU WILL ATONE.”
    My friends are ALSO the folks toiling away in corporate communications, marketing and advertising whose hard work establishing a brand gets dashed by association with this violent rhetoric directed towards us. So if you write advertisers, remember THEY AREN’T the problem. They usually don’t know. They are the ONLY ones who talk radio apparently listens too, because when a very smart woman like Susanne D. Lyons, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, Visa U.S.A. finally says the equalivant of, “Thanks, but we’ll go elsewhere.” things change.
    She knows the importance of embracing diversity and protecting her brand and wrote me simply, ‘ If this is typical of the content, I agree that our brand would have no desire to be associated with it.”
    Athenae inspires ALL of us. And one thing she inspired me to do was to remember that the journalists they attack are real people trying to do a good job explaining and getting to the truth with the tools they have.
    Compare and contrast. On the left, we bloggers want the journalists to do their jobs. On the right they want them hanged. And I have the audio clips to prove it.
    Link to Spocko’s Brain [www.spockosbrain.com]

  2. And I was prouder of getting on the First Draft blog roll than you can possibly imagine. And I’m not bluffing.
    As I’ve said and you all know, I’m not worthy to carry Athenae’s book bag (which contains copies of the book she wrote. Do YOU have a copy? Buy now, operators are standing by!)
    Well I’m ALMOST back on the air (so to speak). I’m mind melding with my new ISP’s machine and I think it’s in pain or something cause i can’t quite get it to work correctly. The mainpage audio is working, so enjoy, but the photos aren’t working and archive links need to fixed.
    Spocko. Author of
    Spocko’s Brain, the blog that is sweeping the nation. Now with 19 readers!
    P.S. This is almost as fun as getting one of Holden’s ponies!

  3. Mess with Spocko, you mess with all of us.
    We won’t stop until the mouse squeals.

  4. Once the corporate propagandists start to shut down websites involved with progressive activism, we all become at risk.
    This really is a case where we hang together, or separately get hung.

  5. i never liked that fuckin mouse.
    excellent job Spocko. it’s time rite-wing propaganda radio was taken down.

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