Another AP Employee Killed in Iraq

How’s it going this morning, Michelle?

BAGHDAD, Iraq: The body of an Associated Press employee was found shot in the back of the head Friday, six days after he was last seen by his family leaving for work.

Ahmed Hadi Naji, 28, was the fourth AP staffer to die violently in the Iraq war and the second AP employee killed in less than a month. He had been a messenger and occasional cameraman for the AP for 2 1/2 years.

“All of us at AP share the pain and grief being felt by Ahmed’s family and friends,” said AP President and CEO Tom Curley. “The situation for our journalists in Iraq is unprecedented in AP’s 161-year history of covering wars and conflicts. The courage of our Iraqi colleagues and their dedication to the story stand as an example to the world of journalism’s enduring value.”

Bet you’re having a fine day, right? Morning coffee all steaming hot for you? Computer fired up, sunshine streaming through your window, traffic going by outside? Nice out, where you are, Michelle?

How’d you sleep?

In addition to his wife, Naji is survived by 4-month-old twins, a boy, Zaid, and a girl, Rand.


4 thoughts on “Another AP Employee Killed in Iraq

  1. Good on you, Spocko my friend.
    You fight the good fight and, as soon as the Corporation that doles out the ducats to this old fool comes up with a bit more, I will be sending you a few.
    Malkin is a whore. She takes money to stimulate the gonads of the Vapid Fools and Doughy Boys of the Fanatical Right. She doesn’t lose sleep over the pain of innocents, they have nothing to offer her. She is only denied sleep over the prospect of losing her strokers and panderers. A hundred babies can starve and she blinks not an eye, but let Paris Hilton lose her tax cut and Malkin will shed alligator tears.
    I disagree, however, that you are not brave. You have the courage of your convictions and the determination to act upon them. This is a quality many of us here on the left side of the Blogosphere lack. (or have stifled)
    Keep us posted as to your progress and I, for one, will be happy to assist in any way I can.
    Advertisers have to learn that taking our money comes at a price.

  2. Ah but of course this is all part of Lee Rogers and KSFO/ABC/Disney’s plan!
    Link to Spocko’s Brain []
    I guess Rogers is talking about AP reporters Mass “Suicide by Iraqi’s”
    Good to be back. Still fixing links.
    But NOTICE on the new blog, right hand side,A link to donate to the “Committee to Protect Journalists.”
    Sadly they can’t protect them from Michelle’s hate speech. But gee do these people have to make so much money going after journalists?
    BTW, I’m not brave in my fight with Disney/KSFO. Those AP reporters? THAT’S brave. I’m not worthy to carry their notepads and cameras.

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