Leroy, You Moron

Kill all … every … somebody:

Remember the millions of innocent people that were brutally murdered as a result of the Dhimmicrats’ betrayal?

All of those innocents were murdered by the Democrat Party.

And now, just as we’re involved in another war that they desperately want us to lose, they’re back in power.

That is bad news for us, and it is seriously bad news for millions of Iraqis.

Deja vu all over again.

And that is why this world will never be a better place until every last socialist on the surface of it has been exterminated. Just as any other disease, they need to be purged from the body of mankind. Because if they’re not, they’ll keep popping back up, and every time the Socialist death toll will rise.

It is time for the vile, hateful, diseased religion of Karl Marx and all of its pathological mutations to be laid to rest permanently.

Because if we don’t get rid of it, we’ll keep seeing history repeating itself.

100 million murdered by socialism ought to be enough.

It’s time for the cure.

Maybe Time magazine can make that site Blog of the Year.

My main problem with this guy’s post is that the writing is so unclear, I can’t tell who he wants his followers to kill. Democrats? Socialists? Socialist Democrats? North Vietnamese? Karl Marx? Stalin, all over again, like literally dig him up and stab him or something? All of the above? Anybody who disagrees with him? Who? If you’re going to issue calls for genocide in this kind of Dungeons-and-Dragons where’s-the-Mountain-Dew hysterical tone, you’re going to want to be specific, after all. Otherwise you’ll end up with this:

Via Oliver Willis.


5 thoughts on “Leroy, You Moron

  1. when will these idjits aknowledge communism WAS NOT socialism?
    just another blowhard asshole.

  2. Funny, I was kind of thinking that the conservatives were the vampiric type, with Rumsfeld and his idiocy cropping up in administration after administration, and Negroponte organizing death squads under a passel of GOP preznits. My thought is that this time we do the job right, turn them (all conservatives with any power whatsoever) all over to the International Court of Justice for a fair trial like Saddam got, and then hang them all until they’re dead, dead, dead.
    Sounds fair and more reality-based to me.

  3. I play that game to unwind. That happened like 2 years ago. People still call running in unprepared a Leroy.
    Now that I think of it, the parallels with Iraq are obvious.

  4. You miss the wingnut point. For a republican cultist, WHO you kill is not the point, its KILLING as and end in and of itself that is the goal. So it really doesn’t matter who this shittard spews out for killing.
    For him and all wingnuts, the killing is all about trying to sate their fears and insecurity by killing off their imaginary bogeymen. Its their noble deed and calling, their life’s work to kill off the bogeymen. And since their fears and insecurity will never go away (owing to who they are and how they were raised) their lust for killing will never subside or be sated; they will never see the rank horror and futility of their bloodlust.

  5. I’m gonna go with… pretty much everybody.
    What a psycho. And what millions is he babbling on about? Is this the “Roosevelt should have taken out the Soviet Union” bullshit again?

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