Na Gonna Lissen

Via Dan Froomkin, Chimpy is the decider and he doesn’t have to listen to anyone if he doesn’t want to.

President Bush has no evident interest in consulting with, let alone drawing in, the new Democratic Congress as a war partner. An example: the new chair of the Senate Armed Services Committee — Carl Levin, an important character now — sent Bush a private letter three weeks ago offering his counsel. Levin never got a reply. Bush can be just as deaf to Republicans. At a recent White House ceremony, Sen. Susan Collins offered to brief him on her Iraq visit. He responded by escorting her to the office of his deputy national-security adviser — and then left before she told her story.

5 thoughts on “Na Gonna Lissen

  1. He looks like a child. He acts like a child. He’s stubborn like a child. He thinks like a child.
    But he’s not as smart as most children.

  2. as attaturk has pointed out. it is sub-human.
    the republikkkans should have thought about just who they were annointing. i can’t wait for georgie to take out their whole party. good job republikkkans .

  3. Nice to see a picture that shows his true character. And have you noticed the weird way he holds his arms and hands? They look like prosthetics.

  4. I was wondering the other day when the Dem senators met with Shrub and then had a press interview. i think it was Obama who said something about Shrub along the lines of “He said he understood my position>” and went on to say it was profitable, etc.
    “I understand your position” – to me that sounds like the epitomy of a total brush-off.

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