6 thoughts on “Balls Out

  1. confrontation between congress and bush is exactly what is needed. bush increasingly is invoking dictatorial powers and no one is challenging it (which only encourages him to take more – remember, bush is an immature, spoiled brat; he will never stop taking as long as he gets away unpunished.)
    It is unavoidable that the exact scenario described above will play out over the next 2 years IF the democrats are serious about defending America and restoring the rule of law in accordance with the US Constitution. bush is a lawless tyrant that needs to be stopped and then prosecuted.

  2. It probably is impractical. I admit part of what attracts me about the idea is that a great many Democrats in Congress, especially those who recently ran or are running for president, claim that if given the chance again they’d vote against the war.
    Giving them the chance would force them to make good on that lovely hindsight of theirs.
    I also like the spectacle of framing every Republican vote for the re-authorization as a vote for incompetence, war profiteering, constitution-shredding and torture. The same way they framed every vote against the original authorization as a vote for gay-sexing Saddam while burning Bibles.
    I’m a small, petty, vindictive person sometimes and these are the things that warm my heart on a winter’s night.
    If it distracts from the larger mission of getting the troops out of harm’s way ASAfuckingP, however, I agree it could prove counterproductive. It’s only useful as a tool.

  3. It’s a nice idea, but I don’t think it will happen or work. I’m not sure that Congress could just vote to recind authorization. Bush would surely challenge it with a veto. I don’t believe Congress could override a veto, but if they were able to do so, Bush might ignore it with a signing statement, and at any rate, the resulting snarl would end up on the doorstep of the SC. I have no idea how that would play out or how long it would take to resolve it.

  4. no real need to hold a fresh vote on authorization – just REVOKE the existing one. Congress could investigate and in short order render a finding that the bushliar-criminal regime had misused and abused Congress’ authorization to use force, and had conducted the use of force ineptly thereby endangering American troops, dangerously denigrating the readiness of the US military to actually defend American, had grossly wasted taxpayer’s money, and had dissipated America’s standing in the global community. In light of such a finding, Congress could REVOKE its authorization of use force giving the president 6 months to redeploy all American forces out of Iraq.

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