Just saying…

Pat Buchanan and Joe Scarborough last night on MSNBC:

SCARBOROUGH:And I want start with you, Pat Buchanan. There‘s talk in Washington right now, not just about Iraq, but also Iran, a coming war with Iran. Is that possible?


You have got Cheney and Bush right now looking at a legacy of having gotten the United States into two wars, and maybe lost those wars, or legacy where they have destroyed Iran‘s nuclear capacity, validated the Bush doctrine, saved Israel.

I think there is a real temptation—there will be—and a real drive, in both parties, to get the United States, whatever it does, to go in from air and sea, and take out Iran‘s nuclear facilities. I will bet you that is coming.


BUCHANAN: I will bet you the president and vice president are considering it, even as we speak.


SCARBOROUGH: And, Craig Crawford, I would bet just about any amount of money that I had available that George Bush will not leave office with a nuclear Iran.


3 thoughts on “Just saying…

  1. Scenario:
    He won’t leave office in 2008. He will have F’d things up so badly that he will declare a state of emergency and cancel the general election. Nookyular war is a hard thing and ah just kaint quit now.

  2. I think he’s so tired of being President that he wants out. It’s hard work you know! But he can’t quit because then his legacy would reflect that he’s a quitter. I just wish he would go cut brush in Crawford for the next 2 years. I can’t see how it could be worse.

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