Spocko, Our Hero


Disney’s hardline tactics turned the teacup tempest that Spocko’s fight represented into a national media story, with critics from the United States to the United Kingdom weighing in. “How Not To Handle the Blogosphere,” one headline read.

There’s a lesson here for Disney, and for Americans taking part in this new digital democracy. If the powerful won’t hold themselves to account for what is said and done in their name, some guy with a Web site will do it for them.

Keep talking, Morgan and Sussman, about Barack Obama, about Bill Keller and Nancy Pelosi.

Spocko’s listening.

And thanks to Spocko, now so are we all.


7 thoughts on “Spocko, Our Hero

  1. Eli. Yeah, but did you notice, still no link from Atrios. He loves Attaturk best.

  2. Way to go, Spocko! Power to the people, indeed. And Disney can kiss my animated behind. MMMMMMMMwah!

  3. Nice article, A. The story has expanded well beyond the poli-blogs and a lot of marketing/media people are holding Disney up as the Poster Child for bad enterprise practices.
    Thanks for your voice!

  4. Whoever this Allison Hantschel is, she sure can write. A great column! (Although for some weird reason, I had an image in my mind when I finished it … of ferrets. Go figure …)

  5. when do we start boycotting the mouse for a good reason?
    oh, that’s right. i never do disney already.

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