4 thoughts on “Your President Speaks! Liveblogging Edition

  1. Quite Enjoyable.
    As for the speech. For me, the most telling moment was when it got so repetetive with the old line again and again (didn’t take long). The chat group got so bored with the speech that the most interesting thing to do was play with the goofy sound effects.

  2. Auuugggghhhh! I missed the Crack Van!!!!!!!!!!!
    Mr. BuggyQ sooooo owes me. To think I passed up the bloggy version of crystal meth to watch him work…
    Hope y’all had fun!

  3. bloggy version of crystal meth
    indeed. I told someone yesterday it was like a den full of meerkats all hopped up on speed.

  4. Is there a chat transcript posted somewhere? Alas, I missed it, though after election night maybe that’s just as well.
    —Aaaargh, still hung over.

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