Poor Melanie Morgan

It’s so hard, her life these days:

“Yes, this is a freedom of speech issue, and this individual is entitled to say what he wants to,” said Morgan. “But he’s trying to take away my livelihood, and I’m not trying to take away his.”

Listen, princess, nobody’s trying to take your livelihood away. You can be on the radio all you want. You just can’t call for the extermination of your political enemies.

I know this narrows your choice of material down quite a bit, since this is pretty much the only slightly original thing that you do, but you should still be able to make a living. Rush Limbaugh’s been recycling the same six Clinton jokes for a decade, maybe you could try that. Or call Barack Obama “Osama.” I hear that’s fun. There’s no limit to the number of people who want to hear that every day; look at Freeperville and LGF. You can hook plenty of hot guys with that routine.

There’s plenty of stuff out there for you to talk about even if you leave off the whole torture and rape fantasy topic. It’s your security blanket, I know, the thing that makes you the Special Girl in the little story you tell yourself in your head, but you can in fact talk about other things. It won’t hurt. I promise.


6 thoughts on “Poor Melanie Morgan

  1. Athenae,
    (Scout Prime tambien)
    a blogger named M.Suslind has laid out a number
    of troubling theengs from KSFO’s past.
    I am no journalista, but I know two very good ones at thees site,
    who would be able to build on thees info.
    Apparently, back een the 90’s, a KSFO listener got so mad that he went and sprayed the Whitehouse weeth a machine gun.

  2. Oh, how stupid, I forgot to tell joo that Spocko finally, after many requests, put up a PAYPAY leenky.
    http:www.spockosbrain.com (scroll down, on the right side)
    Go show heem some love, eh?
    I feegure that 5$ ees an easy way to geeve Mickey the feenger.

  3. Thanks for posting this–I’m in complete agreement…though it sure would be nice if Ms. Morgan DID find that her career in broadcasting reached the proverbial dead end.
    Still…I hear California rivals Wisconsin as a dairy state–I’m sure she’ll be able to find the right cheese to go with her whine.

  4. Poor Melanie Seems to have Forgotten what the great (to the wingnut world) Rush Limbaugh said about Howard Sterns, after Sterns was dropped from the network:
    “He has the right of free speech. He doesn’t have the right to a platform.”
    Maybe someone should remind her of this…

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