3 thoughts on “My God What a Waste

  1. A super-simplistic response.
    1.2 Tril / 29 Mil ~ 4 grand per iraqi (if my math can be trusted).
    by the Iraqi standard of living in 2001, that’s an average years pay.
    We could have given each Iraqi 4 grand on the condition they sacked their boss and stopped loving Syria so much. Hearts, minds, stomachs, and iPods I say.
    I’d support it domestically, and Bush is a better leader than Saddam. The Iraqi’s might have gone for it, and we’d still have all our soldiers and tanks.

  2. i haven’t read the Times article, but its puzzling that anyone would identify a cost of the illegal, unnecessary invasion when their is currently no end in sight, and just the opposite, escalation is the current policy. Any number thrown around now has a really great chance of being way too low. Any assumption that this will wind down after(if) the bushliar-criminal leaves office would seem wildly optomistic at this point especially given the chimperor’s knack for fucking everything up.

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