4 thoughts on “Comedian

  1. …NO!
    Please tell me you’re kidding, or you were shovelling out the ponies’ stalls so you couldn’t hear the audio distinctly, or SOMETHING. Orrin Friggin’ Hatch was the architect of the Republican effort to shut down Clinton’s judicial nominees for the last 18 months of his second term, and he’s still sitting right THERE! I dearly hope Leahy gives him a big tiger shark grin and says “Oh, we will, Mr. Attorney General. We WILL”…

  2. Clearly these people have no sense of irony whatsoever. Perhaps it’s lost along with their sense of shame.

  3. as the Neocons like to be fundamentalist – lets do what he said to the letter. Let us treat the nominees just like the Clinton nominees.
    While we’re at it, don’t forget to treat Bush like Clinton.

  4. wait. did you move?
    i would LOVE if the democrats treated georgie’s nominees like clinton’s were, no more assholes on the bench.

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