14 thoughts on “Fess Up

  1. No decos, but the tree is still up. Fraser Fir, so minimal needle drop: a Christmas tree for all seasons.

  2. Minimal though they were, they’re still up. The wreath is still on the front door, because it’s pretty, dammit, and it will stay there until the evergreen branches have faded. As for the glitter-infested garland on the staircase, it will hang there until I figure out how to store it for next year. Unless I throw it away.
    Belated happy new year, good people.
    Peace, V.

  3. In Denver, it is traditional to keep your lights up until after the Stock Show and Rodeo leave town. That should be next week. The City and County Building’s famous lights are turned off shortly after Christmas and turned back on for the Stock Show.

  4. We never put them up. Living out in the country we haven’t bothered since no one sees them, they cost a butt load of cash to keep on, and are a royal pain in the ass to mess with.
    One of our neighbors puts up more than enough for the other 10 families that live around here. He buys new stuff every year. As an insurance executive, he’s the only one with $$ to buy crap like that.

  5. Well, mine are down, but would it be inappropriate to be decorated for the arrival of Fitzmas? Jury selection begun, Scooter in a courtroom, Darth slated to testify, along with that stupid fucker Feith (A, you know that FDL is live blogging this, right? Wouldn’t want you to miss Dougie.)

  6. Nearly got me.
    Got the last of mine down Tuesday and finally stowed in the attic this morning.

  7. Nearly got me.
    Got the last of mine down Tuesday and finally stowed in the attic this morning.

  8. I still have a Kerry/Edwards bumpersticker on — along with 10,000s of cars in LA — does that count?

  9. Yes. But I blame The Twins, or the horses, or the dogs, or the one koi that survived the summer outside, or the cat, yes, the cat. & I’m sticking to it.

  10. Um, well, I do…but I didn’t finish decorating my Yule tree until late on Dec. 24th. Most of my decos are more personal memories and New Orleans’ themed, and in lieu of garland or tinsel, I used my collected Mardi Gras beads. So, being artificial (and not an out and out fire hazard), I am going to leave it up until Mardi Gras. I might swap out some of the strictly personal ones for more M.G. beads (as soon as I extract them from the storage room). 🙂 Maybe I will print up some of my Nola pics and hang them on the tree!

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