She’s right there are no words…

As Pam at Pam’s House Blend says “there are no words to explain this “ex-gay” music video —The Bible Says (God Hates a Fag), by Donnie Davies and Evening Service (hailing from south Houston). This is so campy it has to be a joke, but he plays it straight — so to speak.”

Go read the rest of Pam’s post and heeeeere’s Donnie…


16 thoughts on “She’s right there are no words…

  1. What a way to convert people — tell them “God hates you, too!” over and over.
    And what’s with the pink shirt? And the complete lack of women in the video?
    This has to be a joke, right? Right?

  2. No “back door” to Heaven, Jesus is the only man for me, Fill me with your love. Wow if it’s supossed to be real it couldn’t have been much more satrical than something written for the onion.
    And whatever happened to God hates the sin but loves the sinner(which I believe we all are even after being “saved”)? Just askin’.
    And the guys shirt voice and mannerisms keep setting off my gaydar. Not that there’s anything wrong with that!

  3. Since last night and this AM, It’s all over the place now and no one seems to know for sure whether it’s a parody or not.

  4. It’s this type of parody:
    “All of us pull a few `boners’ now and then, go off `half-cocked’, make ‘asses’ of ourselves. I don’t want to be `hard on’ you, but I just wish you wouldn’t curse in front of my boy.” — Ned Flanders

  5. Well… there’s certainly no need for a parody of this. This jokes almost write themselves. Thanks for transcribing this, Sinfonian. You have more patience than I.

  6. Parody. Not very well done IMO, but parody nonetheless.
    An Oscar Wilde quote on the homepage? That plus the homoerotic subtext in the lyrics.
    I give it a 3 out of 10.

  7. The guy looks like Nacho Libre had a really boring baby.
    Other than that, I got nothin’. That video killed my brain.

  8. And why the hell would the Polyphonic Spree show up as an “unsafe” band? I thought they were Xtian?

  9. reminds me, there’s a billboard on I-45N (in Houston, TX) that is for the ‘Exodus’ group that wants gays to come to them so that they can take ‘teh gay’ out of them…I about wreck my car every time I see it, I am laughing so hard. As a straight gal w/gay friends, I just wonder about this sh*te. And, I am waiting for the billboards touting the “Single, childless female living w/a boyfriend?” to cure ‘us’ from not being married, eternal child-bearers for Christ…
    I love my boyfriend, kids are not happening and if we get hitched, that’s OUR call…not some crackpot faux-christians.

  10. You will not believe this video

    Courtesy of the lovely and talented scout prime at First Draft, who in turn borrowed from Pam’s House Blend, I’m pleased appalled to bring you the video for “The Bible Says (God Hates a Fag),” by Donnie Davies and Evening Service.
    If I hadn’t seen…

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