7 thoughts on “[kitten] [chainsaw] [baboon]

  1. Aw, I’d just hit the site to BEG you to bring out the fav toy, and here you’ve already posted a notice.
    Mr. A write that cock punch macro for us for the inevitable moment when Chimpy mangles the word biparyinganship and talkes about Holy Joe?

  2. Ohhhhh, I am soooo there!!! Wahhooooo Crack Van rides again!!! Tho’ I am not so thrilled about chimpy’s publicized bout of verbal diarrhea…*vurp*
    C y’all 2mrw nt!

  3. Wheeee! Love that stuff. Forces me to bring the funny. (Cause you know I’m all about the funny. Except when I’m not, then I’m a longwinded bore.)

  4. Duuuuuudes! I’m all psyched, having missed the last ride of the Crack Van. I’ll be there from my classroom–class ends *right* before the SOTU starts. Whew! Watch, though–tonight will the first night I’ll have students lined up to ask me brilliant and insightful questions.
    Well, actually, that would be cool. Win-Win!

  5. A reason to watch the address ! I was debating whether it was worth tuning in to hear the cry of chimps.

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