As they say…The Stupid It Burns

Oh my land get a dictionary please!

Main Entry: so-called
Pronunciation: 'sO-'kold
Function: adjective
1: commonly named : popularly so termed  

so-called pocket veto
2: falsely or improperly so named  

so-called friend

Wingnut blogger Gateway Pundit is outraged that Jimmy Carter referred to the Holocaust as the “so-called” Holocaust when trying to explain the the genesis of WWII to a child who asked in a Q&A of a Town Hall aired on CSPAN. Here is what Carter said referring to Hitler via video

…then he perpetrated one of the most horrible crimes that had ever been seen in the world history and that was the so-called Holocaust where he tried to eliminate or exterminate the Jews..

Obviously Carter is using “so-called” as in the first definition above… the commonly named Holocaust. But Gateway Pundit, who got the tip on this from a Hannity caller and right there that should tell ya something, rails against Carter as having “joined Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in defining the horror of World War II.”

I know these defintions may have been a bit tricky for someone of the black or white/ good vs evil schools of thought. But please…
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Because you’re making a damned fool of yourself…


2 thoughts on “As they say…The Stupid It Burns

  1. This rivals Liz Cheney’s calling the Iraq war an ‘existential’ threat. I suppose if your proponents don’t read, write, or spell, you can depend on them just to take your word for it that them thar words mean what you want them to.
    And on the front page of our local birdcageliner, it says “the sun peaked” out yesterday. Like Peak Oil, it’s about to go pffffft I guess.

  2. Not to mention that if Carter takes definition 2, he may be expressing an even more erudite truth:
    Holocaust implies that there was something redeeming about the fire in the sense of it being an offering to God. Some folks (especially in Jewish circles) dislike “Holocaust” and prefer the term Shoa.

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