Your President Speaks!

Today, in Delaware.

Still An Ass

And as the Secretary of Energy, Sam Bodman, told me coming in — he said, when he was — see, he’s like a graduate from MIT, which — so he’s a smart guy and I’m the President. But anyway — It’s the way it works sometimes, you know.

An Economic Effect On Or Economy

But we’ve got to understand that when the globe becomes interconnected economically, the demand increases in other countries can cause the price of oil to go up here, and it has an economic effect on our own economy.

That SOTU Hangover Is A Bitch

Secondly, if you’re dependent on oil overseas, it means that — and a hostile regime, a regime hostile to the United States produces that oil, you become vulnerable to the activity of a hostile regime. In other words, somebody doesn’t like us, they produce the oil, they decide to do something about it, they can affect us. That’s — when I talk about the national security risks, that’s what I mean. In other words, you don’t want your President sitting in the Oval Office worried about the activities of a hostile regime that could have all kinds of impacts on our security, starting with economic security.

We Were Keeping Our Gas In Those Buildings

Dependence on oil, as well, means that if a terrorist were able to destroy infrastructure somewhere else in the world, it’s going to affect what you pay for at the gasoline pump. In other words, as we learned, the terrorists attacked us in brutal ways; they attacked us by flying airplanes into our buildings.

Don’t Be A Talkerer!

And so we’ve got to do something about it. In other words, government has got to be more than just talkers, we got to be problem-solvers. That’s what the American people expect us to do.

I Have A Dream

We’re also spending money on wind and solar. As a matter of fact, I saw your solar panel expert. And we spent a little time on — here’s the dream. The dream is, some day the technology will be such that you’ll be — your house will become a little power generator. And if you use — if you got excess electricity generated by solar, you’ll be able to feed it back into your grid.

There’s More Advance Still To Be Done

As a matter of fact, the advance in solar technology has been quite dramatic. There’s more advance still to be done, which requires your money being spent to help concerns develop new solar energy.

He’s 60. He’ll Probably Be 75 In 15 Years

Just a couple of things that are happening that are interesting: One, we began a hydrogen initiative that — where a lot of smart folks are beginning to research whether or not we can power automobiles by hydrogen. We think it’s possible. But it’s not going to be possible until I’m 75, which is probably 15 years from now.

How Many Gas Milages Do You Have?

If you have an overall fleet CAFE standard, what ends up happening is, is that the bigger cars have lower gas mileages than they could otherwise, and the little cars have high gas mileages, which reduces the safety in the automobiles.


9 thoughts on “Your President Speaks!

  1. and the little cars have high gas mileages, which reduces the safety in the automobiles.
    WTF is he talking about?
    High gas mileage cars are unsafe? Is he on crack?
    Nevermind, answered my own question.

  2. Jeez, how many times a day does he say “in other words”?
    “In other words, I’m a moron…Heh Heh”

  3. Man, the joke about “so-and-so has this fancy-schmancy education, but look at who’s President” never gets old. I hope there’s a lot of ninjas with PhDs in his retirement home.

  4. With his new energy-conscious focus Chimpy can travel the country with a Powerpoint show called “An Incomprehensible Doof.”

  5. Teh stooooopiddd, it BURRRRRNNNSS!!! (but it has low gas mileages!!)
    When is someone going to unplug this vegetable???

  6. I wonder if the average American voter understands yet that we have a seriously mentally impaired President? Maybe he is fun to chug beers with, although I doubt it, but he apparently chugged far too many at one time and is still suffering the brain damage that resulted. It is long past time to invoke the 25th amendment.

  7. Do people actually laugh at that Ph.D. “joke”? Every time I read it — and thank God I’ve never actually heard him say it because I would probably go ballistic — I want to punch the guy in the nose, and I can’t imagine that the better educated person he’s just put down publicly feels a whole lot happier about the experience.
    I think he does it just to stick his thumb in the eyes of his betters.

  8. I heard some clips from this speech. Oddly, the drawl that was missing in the STFU was back. Go figure…

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