It’s those little things Timmeh does…

…that has helped to make Meet the Press the administration’s best format.

While interviewing Sen. Vitter today Timmeh stated

MR. RUSSERT: Senator Vitter, you live in New
Orleans. The president was down a few days after Katrina and gave a
speech about what he was going to do. Let’s listen. (emphasis mine)

He then showed the videotape of Bush in Jackson Square on September 15, 2005. That would be WEEKS not DAYS after Katrina.

Timmeh to refresh your memory here is what the rest of us remember of Bush a few DAYS after Katrina hit on August 29…

Tuesday August 30 in California


Wednesday August 31


Thursday Sept 1


And on Friday September 2


BONUS 8 seconds: And who could forget Timmeh’s #1 fan on Sept 8 during his first trip to the Gulf Coast…


3 thoughts on “It’s those little things Timmeh does…

  1. That’s not all, Scout.
    David Vitter (at least when I lived there) does not live in New Orleans. He always lived in Metairie, where all the white people fled after Brown v. Board of Education.
    But nice try, Timmeh.

  2. And lest we not forget, on the very first day of that timeline, Tuesday, August 30, while George Bush was playing his guitar and completely ignoring what was going on in New Orleans, another President, Fidel Castro, had already offered more than one thousand doctors to be available in New Orleans in less than two days. The offer was, of course ignored, not only by the guitar-strumming George Bush, but by the shoe-shopping Condi Rice as well.

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