Score One For The Forces Of Goodness And Light

This may be a first. Senior Pentagon official Cully Stimson resigns over his remarks about detainees’ lawyers.

A senior Pentagon official resigned Friday over controversial remarks in which he criticized lawyers who represent terrorism suspects, the Defense Department said.

Department spokesman Bryan Whitman said Charles “Cully” Stimson, deputy assistant secretary of defense for detainee affairs, told him on Friday that he had made his own decision to resign and was not asked to leave by Defense Secretary Robert Gates.

Stimson said he was leaving because of the controversy over a radio interview in which he said he found it shocking that lawyers at many of the nation’s top law firms represent detainees held at the U.S. military prison in Cuba.

“He believed it hampered his ability to be effective in this position,” Whitman said of the backlash to Stimson’s comments.

One thought on “Score One For The Forces Of Goodness And Light

  1. Damn, I am so happy about that. When I read his remarks in the Times — on the front page, no less — two weeks ago, I nearly had a stroke, I was so furious at his ignorance and his appalling disregard of the Constitution and the duty of lawyers to represent the people who most need representation.
    I only wish his resignation meant that this attitude is no longer prevalent in the department or the executive branch. I am afraid, however, that it has just gone underground, the “lesson learned” that you shouldn’t *talk* about those things, even though you mean them and practice them.

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