Reality Worlds Apart

From the White House…

on Atrocity in Baghdad

Another atrocity in Baghdad today has targeted the innocent people of Iraq.
Free nations of the world must not stand by while terrorists commit mass
murder in an attempt to derail democratic progress in Iraq and throughout
the greater Middle East.

The United States stands with the people of Iraq. We will support the
freely elected Iraqi government and its security forces, to help bring
those responsible for today’s atrocity to justice, and to deliver greater
security to the people of Baghdad.

From the International Herald Tribune …

Iraqis fault delay in U.S. security plan for attack

BAGHDAD, Iraq: A growing number of Iraqis blamed the United States on
Sunday for creating conditions that led to the worst single suicide
bombing in the war, which devastated a Shiite market in Baghdad the day
before. They argued that slowness in completing the vaunted new
American security plan has made Shiite neighborhoods much more
vulnerable to such horrific attacks.


The scene was thick with anger directed at the Iraqi government and
American military for letting the people down and allowing such a
devastating attack. When asked about the “tragedy” of the blast, one
Mahdi guard responded: “The only tragedy was when we voted for weak

He then pointed toward the bombed out buildings and added, “This is the result.”

Later, when two American Humvees and an Iraqi patrol passed just
after 1 p.m., one of the men in black called the soldiers “apes and

“They’re the ones who brought us the catastrophe,” one of them said. “If they were not here such a thing wouldn’t happen to us.”

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Finally from the London Times Online…

The reality TV show that is just too close to life – and death

The problem with Iraqi reality TV shows is Iraqi reality.

This week that cruel fact caught up with Diya al-Meqoter, a prominent Shia
academic, who starred as the judge on two popular shows offering business
loans and university places to impoverished fellow Iraqis. He was ambushed
and shot dead in the street.

Amid the profusion of new satellite channels in Iraq after the fall of Saddam
Hussein, al-Sharqiya (The Eastern), Dr al-Meqoter’s station, gained a wide
following by running reality competitions that seized the popular

The shows, tailored to Iraq’s dire situation, offered prizes such as
small electricity generators, treatments for 30 partially blind teachers, or
even escape in the form of studying abroad.
But al-Sharqiya courted
controversy last year by bringing Iraqi men and women together for a  Big
-style show broadcast during Ramadan. The mix was greeted with
delight by liberals, who were relieved to see a brief glimpse of secular
Iraq, but with disapproval by the Islamists, who deplore any consorting of
the sexes.

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One thought on “Reality Worlds Apart

  1. Let me get this right – Shia are the majority and we hear about Shia death squads. Even at that, a Shia is executed for TV shows that give away money (anyone who wants to give me money, let me know).
    Admittedly, his shows also promote a secularization that is admittedly distasteful for many – even moderates. I have to admit my distaste for the bullying “American Idol.”

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