11 thoughts on “Super Bowl Thread

  1. This will be my first Bowl while I’m living in London … I don’t miss the game, but I do miss the ads …

  2. hmmm…so there’s a sporting event of some type today?
    I could give a rat’s ass, seriously. I spent the day tramping around the hill country taking pictures of birds and cactus.
    Ya’ll have a good time tho.
    (ps.-= I LOVE Dust Bowl Blues! En-GINE trouble…

  3. pansypoo isn’t even gonna try. sigh. gotta upgrade.
    but then i have too much music to deal with as it is and so much i want…

  4. Oh my god!
    The Happy Schnapps Combo!
    Scout, this is why you kick ass.
    Well, one of the reasons, anyway.

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