Your President Speaks!

Saturday, before the House Democratic Caucus Issues Conference in Williamsburg, Virginia.

Revenge of the Has-Gots

Secondly, there’s a great goal, and to make sure every child has got the foundation necessary to be able to enjoy the great opportunities our country affords.

No One Detected His Problems Early On

I fully recognize that some have got concerns about it, and I’m willing to work with both Republicans and Democrats to address those concerns. My only admonition is, let us don’t water down the accountability inherent in this good law that enables us to detect problems early so we can solve the problems before it’s too late.

Make Sure Math And Science Is More Prevalent — English, Too

Secondly, I know we can work together on passing the American Competitiveness Initiative, aimed at making sure that math and science is more prevalent amongst our youngsters, and doubling the amount of basic research at the federal level which will enable our country to remain the most innovative country in the world.

The Hove-Gots Are Everywhere

Thirdly, we’ve got to make sure people have got health insurance.

Carefully Considered Lousy

I ask you to carefully consider the idea that we have put out. I’ve already heard from some members who thought it was a lousy idea, I understand that.

Just Don’t Try To Explain It

As a matter of fact, that is why we need to spend money on cellulosic ethanol, to make sure that we have got substitutes — substitute raw material — in other words, we are able to replace corn as the main raw material for the ethanol in order to achieve a great goal.

The Capability of Enabling

It’s an area where we can show the American people that the Republican Party and the Democratic Party has got the capability of enabling us to be able to say to the people, by being less dependent on oil, we’ve enhanced our national security, we’ve helped our economic security, and we’ve done something positive on the environment.

A Goal So Great He Forgot What It Was

I believe a great goal is a comprehensive energy — immigration bill.

Where Did We Get That Idea?

You know, I welcome debate in a time of war, and I hope you know that. Nor do I consider anybody’s — nor do I consider a belief that if you don’t happen to agree with me you don’t share the same sense of patriotism I do. You can get that thought out of your mind, if that’s what some believe.

There’s Benchmarks!

They’ve got to have local elections so people feel involved in the provincial governments. In other words, there’s benchmarks that they have got to achieve.

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