“We Need To Come Home”

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Rep. Barney Frank chaired a hearing today on the Federal Housing Response to Hurricane Katrina. Rep. Frank has promised legislation to deal with the situation. For background on that situation you can read this piece by Loyola law professor Bill Quigleywho has been advocating for the rights of residents. (To his possible professional detriment I may add, as the Housing Authority of New Orleans threatened to take him before the bar association disciplinary board if he did not agree to stop discussing, online and to the press, a lawsuit against HANO and HUD in which he represents housing residents.)

Whatever one may think should occur with public housing in NOLA I do believe it has been incredibly unjust that residents have not been allowed back to their homes since Katrina and now live in limbo.

Below is an audio of the opening statement of Ms. Julie Andrews, Spokesperson for Residents United and a Public Housing Resident, who testified before the committee today on how residents feel and how they just want to come home. It was the most emotional testimony today with perhaps the exception of when Frank was fed up with HUD officials non responsive answers to questions. Barney is something.

For a text version of Ms. Andrews full testimony go here. She began today with…

We the people of New Orleans public housing, need to come home in order to rebuild our cities, to reform our communities, to raise our children, who are victimized in other cities. As displaced people, the poor and oppressed communities feel we are taking something away from them.

Below is audio of her full statement…


6 thoughts on ““We Need To Come Home”

  1. I heard part of her speech earlier and it broke my heart anew. The freakin’ rethug-‘murkans assume (I almost said “think”, yeah, right) that all of the evacuees are just violent, low rate, freeloaders and that they should be happy where they landed (much the way battleax bar bush shared at the Dome that day – the soulless BITCH!).
    Well, I got some news for those rednecks (no matter the white van heusen collar they might sport in their day job, or hoity SUV they drive) – there are violent, low rate, freeloaders in their own gated communities. Most of the evacuees I have read about and the ones I have been able to talk to are frustrated people – who wouldn’t be, put in their shoes? Even the folks I have met that are staying here in Houston, they keep tabs on the “rebuilding” efforts such as they are what with insurance companies skipping the state w/premiums in tow. How encouraging is it when you know there is more red tape to go through and you have been away so long that you might as well quit?
    I better stop now while I can have merely an elevated blood pressure…

  2. Hey, Scout, is there any way do avoid having that audio play automatically? I’m on Firefox and have a couple of content blocking plugins installed, but it’s playing automatically anyway, and it’s going to be a real pain if every time I visit First Draft I’ll have to hear it over again.

  3. Schwaumlaut…Oh My BAD!
    I didn’t mean for it to autoplay. But weird it wasn’t doing so in my browser.
    I changed the code and hope it is fixed now

  4. Awesome sauce, thanks. I don’t know what the problem was, but it’s gone now.

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