Your President Speaks!

Yesterday, at the Department of Homeland Security in DC.

The Doctor Said I Wouldn’t Have Nose Bleeds If I Kept My FInger Out Of There

I appreciate very much, Ralph, you and your department’s hard work of doing a difficult job, and that is doing what the American people expect and that is to have secure borders.

And The Ones That Did Not Need To Be Modernized?

We’re modernizing a border that needed to be modernized, whether it be through fencing or the different types of high-tech investments.

Enable To Be Able

I firmly believe that in order for your Border Patrol agents to be able to do their job, we need a guest worker program so that people don’t have to sneak in our country, and therefore, we can really enable your good folks to be able to focus on terrorism, drug runners, gun runners.

Hi, Principal Skinner! Hi, Super Nintendo Chalmers.

I appreciate so very much the fact that we’ve got a wise strategy to effect the security of our ports and cargo.

Our Fellow Citizens Are Terrorized By Airplanes

It’s a job that really was a response to 9/11, and that is we don’t want people getting on our airplanes that will terrorize our fellow citizens again.

The Need To Have Effective Response If There Is A Emergency

We also talked about the need to have effective response if there is a emergency, if there is a catastrophe.

The Organizations Did The Melding

The Department of Homeland Security was initially melded together by organizations that tended to be stove-piped — independently run organizations that we felt needed to be brought under the central planning, the central organizing principle of a single department.

5 thoughts on “Your President Speaks!

  1. so, if a earthquake hits LA, we won’t have katrina like effective responses?

  2. Hey emergency, that is something that you have to deal with. Catastrophe, that’s okay. Let them deal with it.

  3. “we’ve got a wise strategy to effect the security of our po”
    Yes – we just outsource the port security to Dubai. Otherwise we haven’t done a single thing.
    BTW – in breaking events – Probe find that Rumsfield used “Alternative Intelligence” to link Sadam Hussein to Al Quadah (even though he was Sunni and hated them). See article at:,1,1331347.story?coll=chi-newsnationworld-hed
    A special unit run by former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld’s top policy aide inappropriately produced “alternative” prewar intelligence reports on Iraq that wrongly concluded Saddam Hussein’s regime had cooperated with Al Qaeda, a Pentagon investigation has determined.
    The Department of Defense Inspector General’s Office found that former Undersecretary of Defense Douglas Feith and his staff had done nothing illegal.
    But Sen. Carl Levin (D-Mich.), who requested the investigation, called the findings “devastating” because senior administration officials, particularly Vice President Dick Cheney, used Feith’s work to help make their case for the 2003 U.S. invasion of Iraq.
    etc. etc.

  4. Emergencies like, say, a major power outage that hits half the country. Whatever happened to the response to that, by the way? That was almost three years ago, wasn’t it?

  5. “if there is a catastrophe.”
    Yes, should there be any sort of major storms, flooding, regional fires, or terrorist attacks, it’s about time we were prepared – just in case.

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