Lolis sums it up

A reader emailed me the link to an excellent column by the Times Picayune’s Lolis Eric Elie that appeared in the Washington Post today. It’s a great read and summary of what has and still is happening in New Orleans. It’s hard to even pull one part out to highlight but here is the end…

Earlier this month the Corps released the locations of 122 levees
that are at risk of failing. They are located in 27 states and the
District of Columbia. We New Orleanians have suffered much in the past
18 months. We wouldn’t wish such devastation on anyone. But I would
like to remind my nation that according to this list, the problems of
my home town are not so foreign after all.

I may seem like a
foreigner to you when I scream for an independent commission to study
government failures in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, or when I
decry the plodding incompetence of FEMA. I may seem like the
stereotypical welfare cheat when I argue that the federal government
has not invested nearly enough in protecting my state from an even
greater future disaster. Indeed, mine may seem like a voice emanating
from a distant Southern wilderness. But in truth, the problems of
Louisiana are the problems of the United States.

Or, as Ralph Ellison wrote, “Who knows but that, on the lower frequencies, I speak for you?”

It is well worth reading the entire column.