Semper Fi Hannity

Last month the wingnuts were outraged when the Baker’s Dozen a Yale singing group was attacked in San Fransisco. Though there were reports that this may have been a case of gay bashing the wingnuts seized on another aspect. Wingnut blogger Gateway Pundit had a post title that says it all…Yale Group Gets Beaten for Performing “Star Spangled Banner.”

More jumped on the band wagon giving insights such as this from The Bullwinkle Blog

The ever-tolerant left of Pelosiville attacked a group of college students for singing the Star-Spangled Banner.

Faux News’ Sean Hannity got in on the outrage when he had on his program, Sharyar Aziz, one of the singers assaulted. Aziz didn’t know why they were assaulted but Hannity tried to steer him on that. From News Hounds

“Truth be told, I couldn’t tell you what was going through their
minds, what it was that made them feel, you know, that a call needed to
be made,” Aziz answered. ” … I couldn’t tell you what was the
trigger, the initial trigger, what it was …”

Hannity jumped in to say “It seems related to the Anthem. Do you think it is?”

Then Hannity offered a $10,000 reward for the apparent anti-American lefty dirty hippies…

“And you know, I want to get these people that did this to you, and I
hope –working with your attorney and the detectives out there that
we’re able to find them. I’ll tell you what I’m going to do. I’m going
to offer a $10,000 reward for anybody that will come and testify that
as a witness to this, to help get these people –
you know, America is
still a country where you can sing the national anthem and not be
attacked viciously like this, and cruelly like this.”


Today SFGate reports that “as many as three U.S. Marines were involved” in the alleged attack. There have been no arrests in the matter so the attorney for the victims has written the Marine Corps who do not appear to have been all that helpful thus far…

In the letter, Hammer said the Marine he identified was also involved
in the attack on Aziz, who was “brutally punched in the face after he had
turned to walk away” from a group of men. One doctor observed that Aziz’s
jaw was broken “by a trained fighter or someone using a deadly weapon.”

The Marine, according to the letter, used a cellular phone to
photograph “the wounds to the knuckles of his fellow attackers and
proceeded to attempt to destroy evidence in an effort to cover up his
involvement and escape prosecution.”

Hammer said that police have been “stymied in their efforts” to
contact the Marine after he was sent overseas to Japan following the

“Because of the serious nature of these assaults, I am writing to ask
your help in initiating a criminal investigation…and provide whatever
assistance you can to San Francisco authorities so that they can interview
him in connection with their investigation.”


The evidence suggests, Hammer wrote, that “two other United States
Marines may have been involved in this gang attack.”He concluded that the
“case has the potential of generating extremely negative publicity” for
the Marines.
The letter states that police are making “diligent efforts”
to investigate the case. “Without your assistance, I am afraid their
efforts may be thwarted.” (all emphasis mine)

The Marines’ reaction thus far …

The Marines headquarters in San Diego, where the marine named in the letter had been based, had no immediate comment.

Do you think if Hannity’s handed over his $10,000 to The Corps they’d finally “help get these” lefty-anti-American-Star Spangled-Banner-hating-Pelosiville US Marines into the hands of the authorities?

7 thoughts on “Semper Fi Hannity

  1. That’s not the worst of it. After brutally beating the singers, the Marines then spit on themselves.

  2. scout, scout scout…why do you insist on emboldening our enemy? the Marines are obviously stopping the gays from singing the anthem over here so that the terrorists can’t sing it over there.
    or something.

  3. Unfortunately, the Military has a long history of experience in transferring folks away from areas that they are under investigation for a crime.
    Why are certain crime statistics higher near US bases in Europe? Commit the crime, get inside the base, and the military will stonewall local investigations.
    Why do they hate us? I have no idea.

  4. >>>Why are certain crime statistics higher near US bases in Europe?
    Or Okinawa, or greater Japan? Or even Guam?
    Sorry if one of these sociopaths is your offspring, but have you SEEN how some of these poor excuses for human beings misbehave off-base anywhere in the world?
    It appears that many, many of, “our troops,” suffer from, “Instant Asshole: Just Add Alcohol.”
    All a part of the price of maintaining an Empire, one supposes.

  5. If the TOP TWO SLOTS in the “chain-of-command” are occupied by two of the worlds worst “scofflaws” that the world has ever known IN ALL OF KNOWN HISTORY, what else can you expect from the troops in the ranks?
    They are drilled and conditioned to “follow THEIR LEADERS”, so is it any wonder that the troops ignor the law as DO THE TWO TOP GUYS, THE COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF, AND HIS DEPUTY, THE VICE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES?
    By the way, “Shanty-Hanity” is still “shanty
    Irish” no matter how much Murky-Murdock pays him!

  6. I suspect these were filthy hippies who successfully infiltrated the Marine Corps to carry out traitorous, anti-American attacks on, uh, gay choruses. I demand that Hannity get these seditious scum on his program and grill them on their political beliefs and affiliations.

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