Rule of Law

Something this Assministration will never adhere to.

An Italian judge on Friday indicted 26 Americans and five Italians in the first criminal trial over the CIA’s extraordinary rendition program.

The judge set the trial date for June 8. Prosecutors allege that five Italian intelligence officials worked with the Americans — almost all CIA agents — to abduct terror suspect Osama Moustafa Hassan Nasr from a Milan street on Feb. 17, 2003.


Even if a request is made for the Americans’ extradition — a move bound to irritate U.S.-Italian relations — it was unlikely that the CIA agents would be turned over for trial abroad.

3 thoughts on “Rule of Law

  1. MapleStreet, when he first got all hysterical about the World Court, I was very suspicious. Why would you be so worried if you weren’t planning to do things that were illegal? And, considering that he was a Republican (Ronald Reagan’s activities in Nicaragua come to mind), it seemed likely even then, before 9/11, that he was planning things that would violate international law.
    Of course, like you, I never dreamed that he would sink to such depths, and I am continually appalled at the administration’s lack of respect for even the most basic principles of law.

  2. I hate to admit that early in the Shrub travesty, I didn’t get why Shrub was so insistant that the US would remove itself from the jurisdiction of the World Court.
    6 years later; Extraordinary Rendition; Abu Ghraib, Gitmo. I get it. I get it. I geeeetttttt iiititttttt!

  3. Iiiiiiirony! “…it was unlikely that the CIA agents would be turned over for trial abroad.” Since, you know, that would be *wrong* and all. Which is exactly why these guys have been indicted.
    Honestly, how many times *can* my head explode before I can’t put it back together again? Just call me Humpty Buggy.

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