Mistah Kurtz’s Love Letter To America’s Favorite Anchorbaby

Howie Kurtz loves Michelle Malkin.

My favorite bit in an otherwise awful paean to a racist thug:

That persona is a far cry from the self-described “geek” of her youth. Michelle Maglalang grew up outside Atlantic City in a Reaganite, conservative Catholic family, was not politically active, and failed a fifth-grade public speaking class. As a college student, she was so naive that when a married Republican congressman invited her to live in his home during her internship with then-Sen. Bill Bradley (D-N.J.), she thought it was a generous offer until her parents straightened her out.

“Michelle, make sure you don’t do the ping-pong ball trick for less than thirty dollars!”

7 thoughts on “Mistah Kurtz’s Love Letter To America’s Favorite Anchorbaby

  1. What’s hilarious about this is that Malkin has told a quite different story about this episode in the past. In that version, her parents warned her, but she plowed ahead with her plans anyway. When Magaladingdong received a tearful call from the Republican congressman’s husband, she finally pulled back.
    Sounds better to respect her parents, now that she has become Defender Of The American Way Of Life. Wanker.

  2. My main objection to comparing **ANY** conservative assclown blogger to the stereotypical ping-pong performer is that i think it’s a worse insult to the hookers and bar girls, because at least the hookers and the bar girls work for a living, unlike the wingnuts who somehow derive an income from being cancerous polyps on the colon of the universe at large

  3. I like where she complains that the vile haters also go after her husband Jesse… as though he never had a thing to say and was a silent, innocent, homemaker dragged into the fray… hah!
    eat your own pie Malkin, EAT IT!

  4. I bow to no one in my dislike of malkin but the ping pong ball jokes are racist *and* sexist. There is plenty to parody in this article about malkin–you could start with the fact that her parents, at least, recognized that the category “married republican political figure” was probably synonymous with “pederast”. Just leave out the grotesque sexism, please.

  5. “”You have to accept that you’ll never have many friends,” Malkin says. “It’s a lonely existence.””
    Adjust your medication and cry me a f*ckin’ river, asshole. You deserve every second of loneliness you’ve brought on yourself.
    Malkin needs to be airlocked. In space, no of the rest of us will have to hear her scream.

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