“Now enough of the Unpatriotic business”

First Video

Late this evening Rep. Tim Ryan (D-OH) called the Republicans on their questioning of Democrats Patriotism. The first video is Ryan’s excellent speech which included…

We never called the other side unpatriotic when they sent our soldiers over without enough body armour. And when they didn’t send enough up-armoured humvees we never called anybody unpatriotic. And now when the next batch goes over without the proper jammers or up-armoured kits we don’t call you unpatriotic.

Now we’ve called you incompetent. We’ve said you’re incapable. And we said you’re derelict of your oversight responsibility, but never Mr. Speaker have we called anyone in this House unpatriotic.

Republican Steve Buyer tried to interrupt but Ryan would not yield. After Ryan finished, Buyer denied Republicans had called Dems unpatriotic and snidely said of Ryan…

“the gentleman who just spoke protests too much. Maybe he has some deep feeling inside, has some guilt inside”


Second Video

Buyer’s remarks lead Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL), who spoke later, to address Buyer at the end of her time with in part…

“And Mr. Speaker I support this resolution because the gentleman from Indiana knows better, it doesn’t require words to question patriotism. We have had plenty of implication throughout this debate on this floor on the other side of the aisle and death by a thousand cuts is the same as direct words. And it is irresponsible and unconcionable that the other side of the aisle has questioned the patriotism of the members who disagree. It is Congress’ job to disagree…” 

There then ensued a back and forth with Buyer, Gohmert, Wasserman Schultz (who got in her own–Buyer doth protest too much) and finally a firey Ryan ending with “now enough of the unpatriotic business”…

6 thoughts on ““Now enough of the Unpatriotic business”

  1. When one party chooses too use disinformation for everything from denial of human caused
    enviromental damage to starting a war for the profit of afew well connected cronies, then has the hubris to accuse any opposition to this criminal enterprise as against the National Interests.
    It is the failure of the citizens to participate by at least voting and being informed of the actual
    effect of their choices. Mr. Bush and Mr. Cheney are transparent at this late date. The true
    villians are the knowing voters that enable this blatent corruption. The conspiracy of a large
    portion of the electorate to subvert the Constitution for profit while holier than thou sunday
    schemers assure the suckers that their rewards are in the next life is guranteed crooked.

  2. There is something really humorous about Republicans accusing someone else of creating straw men. There is something humorous about them acting all indignant about being called on for their constant accusations of anyone who criticizes the President.
    If they had any shame, they should be ashamed.
    If they had any shame, we wouldn’t be in this situation.

  3. when georgie made his bead on iWaq, somehow, the left became the enemy.
    because we told the truth.
    the republikkkans can go to hell.

  4. Seaking from memory, from one of the Gospels (?Matthew?), in the words of Christ:
    What kind of man, before he goes to war does not sit down and consider the cost?

  5. I agree that the republicans have tried to question the patraitism of people (r and d) that don’t believe in the war but I think the democrats should just quit wasting time complaining about it and instead spend the time crafting real legistaion instead of a toothless unbinding reselution.
    notice that Buyer illustrates supporting the troops and generals by saying you give them what they need yet the republicans didn’t give the current troops what they needed and the new troops again will be sent in without everything they need. He just gave one of the best reasons not to send in more troops.

  6. Buyer to Wasserman Schulz: “You talkin’ to me? You talkin’ to me? Then who the hell else are you talkin’ to? You talkin’ to me? Well I’m the only one here.”
    No insult intended to the ferrets, but what a weasel!
    Oh, and Gohmert? “STFU, Donny.”
    Thanks, SP, this is great stuff. I’m very impressed with Ryan and Wasserman Schulz.

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