What Was Wanted: More Feith

“I object! Overruled! I strenuously object! Oh, well, if you strenuously object, well, then …”
— A Few Good Men

It’s always a toss-up to post this stuff in “War in Iraq” or “Stupid Republican Tricks” because what’s interesting about Feith, what got me fascinated with his squirrelly little self in the first place, is the particularly Bushpublican trait of seeing what he wants to see and repeating the outlines of his own reality strenuously enough that questioning them seems like a potentially dangerous thing to do, like poking a porcupine. If someone just seems innocently mistaken that’s one thing, it seems possible to remind that person that the sky is a different color in real life and that the rest of us don’t always see the faeries.

But if he’s in your face yelling that no, really, Mohammed Atta did meet up with Saddam’s agent in Prague, well, you could either nod and back away slowly thinking, “Dude is fucked up, yo” and hope there’s a nurse around with his daily dose of Thorazine, or you could do what Jon Stewart did and chuckle ruefully, assuming he knows he’s full of shit and is sticking to his story anyway:

Or you could take the approach I tend to take with the guy. Whenever I speak about him I get asked, did he know the stuff he was pushing was crap or not? And the question is one I’ve always found irrelevent: He did what he did and the consequences are what they are, and whether he’s malicious or mistaken is only important in the end in meting out whatever punishment the Hague decides is sufficient.

Which is a small thing, in the face of the dead bodies.

The approach I tend to take with the guy is that he, like everybody else in this administration, knew that he had only to repeat something loud enough, and long enough, and it would be taken as truth. He, like everybody else in this administration, knew that what was true was not as important as what was wanted, and he acted accordingly. He’s not the disease. He’s not a symptom, either. He’s the ancillary infection you get when you’re already sick and your immune system’s shot and you’re in the hospital, around hundreds of people all coughing up germs and hacking their illnesss onto each other, with nurses who are overworked and doctors who haven’t slept in days and medicine pushed on you by drug companies more interested in making a profit than keeping you alive. He’s the thing that thrives in a sick and rotten and dangeous system that everybody knows is broken and nobody wants to take on the task of fixing.

You run a country the way Bush has run this one, and Feith is what you get.


ps. Thanks to Virgotex for the video, and for doing such a good job last week as guestblogger.

2 thoughts on “What Was Wanted: More Feith

  1. Out of curiosity, what was the context of the quote, “never in my life have I met a dumber man”

  2. Mr. Feith has the task of being the judas goat. His misleading and outright lies are tools for
    his job. The truth has never stood in the way the message. The distortion and resulting damages in human costs and lost international status as a nation are of no consequense to Mr. Feith or his fellow travelers in the White House. It has come to pass that the era of Mr. Nixon has become the good days of the Republicans.

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