All on a Mardi Gras Day

Couldn’t find some of the songs I really wanted so the above will do.

I hope everyone marching with St. Anne’s has a great Mardi Gras Day! I wish I were there.

Let’s hear it for the people of New Orleans who work each day to restore our great American treasure…rest and enjoy today.

And here’s a little video I took inside dba at LAST year’s Mardi Gras…

Ohhhh…and Tony Soprano had a King Wedgie

6 thoughts on “All on a Mardi Gras Day

  1. oooh I love this video- I used to have it bookmarked even.
    Everyone in my office is wearing their plastic beads today and we had an interminable meeting, complete with conference call and web session. It was sort of surreal, six people in a semi-darkened conference room, with the requisite flipchart and graphs, talking about the dryest of bureaucratic topics, and each one is wearing mardi gras beads.

  2. What other songs were you looking for? You never know what some of us might have available for emailing…

  3. You use the database at site where player is and the selection was a bit limited. I was looking for Carnival time by Al Johnson and another tune

  4. (I haven’t clicked through on those playlists before,) so if I understand correctly, my emailing Al Johnson to you does no good, because you can’t add it to the list?

  5. Robert Earle…yeah I don’t think there is anyway to upload it.
    Now I must admit I don’t have that soooo if you would still want to email it I would be a happy ‘lil scout

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