Your President Speaks!

Today, in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

C3P0 Needed An Appendectomy

We just toured a pretty fantastic hospital. He talked about robotics that are being used to operate on.

The Health Care Problems

And so today we’re going to have a conversation with experts. We’ve got people who call themselves experts, like me and the Secretary and the Governor. And we got people who are living experts because they’re having to deal with the health care problems.

That’s What You’ve Got You

I happen to believe governors know how to set agendas and know how to achieve results. You’ve got you such a governor here in the state of Tennessee, as well.

Ole What’s-Their-Names

I am very proud of your — the senators you’ve got up there — that you sent up to Washington.

Drain Bamage, Part I

Secondly, that when it comes time to helping people who need help, it makes sense for us to make sure the federal government does its job and to work in concert with states.

Fuck The Sick

Now, I believe the federal government has a solemn responsibility to take care of the sick — I mean, the disabled, the elderly and the poor.

That’s Where You Find The Internets And The Google

I’ll tell you an interesting example of that is our Veterans Affairs Department has done a good job of providing individualized health care records on the computers

Nope, There’s Not Many Consumers

But there’s not many consumers asking, what does it cost, Doc?

You Gotta Pain Somebody

It’s got to pain somebody running a small business to know they can’t provide their employee with the coverage they need.

Damn, That’s Good Blow

And yet, small businesses aren’t able to have the same advantages that big corporations get when it comes time to spreading risk across a lot of people they’re insuring.

Damn Them Fancy Words

And so I believe small businesses ought to be able to pool risk across jurisdictional boundary. That’s fancy words for I think a restaurant in Chattanooga ought to be able to put their employees in the same risk pool as a restaurant from Houston, Texas, so you can spread risk. Those are called association health plans.

That Are Absolutely Necessary

But it means that you’re paying more for health costs than are absolutely necessary.

Sorry Squire, I’ve Scratched The Record

And therefore, Secretary Leavitt is designing a plan that says, we will give you flexibility with federal money that we give to the state to help you design risk pools, like they’re doing here in Tennessee, that will help you take care of the uninsurable, like you’re doing here in Tennessee.

Drain Bamage, Part II

And so I like the idea of the Governor designing a plan — health savings account has got the same sense of portability — you can take it with you. It’s your — you own the deal.

Drain Bamage, Part III

So here’s a guy that’s got two children, eight and 10, and young family in America has got no health insurance.

Got Him A Preznit

And Danny — I’m concerned about a lot of our citizens, but I don’t like to think about a society where the cost of health care has gotten such that a fellow who is trying to do the best he can for his family — got him a house, got him a steady job, but he can’t afford health care.

Slugs Need Health Insurance

I mean, a big slug of the uninsured in America works for small business companies — by the way, of the uninsured are young people who never think they’re going to get sick and don’t bother to buy insurance. But a big slug work for people that are struggling to make ends meet.

There’s A Lot Of Our Citizens

See, the reason I’ve asked these three folks to come to talk about — first of all, I just want people to be able to identify with what it means to be in a society in which you either don’t have health insurance or you don’t have adequate coverage. And there’s a lot of our citizens who are just that way.

Paging Joe Biden

One of the problems we have at state level is that over time a lot of mandates have been added to insurance. You know, the hair follicle benefit — well, you don’t need hair follicles, particularly if you have hair.

And now, for those little exchanges that make you want to have a beer with the man.

Hoo-Ah On Your Own Damn Time

THE PRESIDENT: Good. And you’ve got your daughter out there. She’s 21?

MS. GINN: My son.

THE PRESIDENT: Your son? Yes.

MS. GINN: My son.

THE PRESIDENT: As I said, your son.

MS. GINN: Trust me, he’s a son.

THE PRESIDENT: That’s good. Is he listening to his mother?

MS. GINN: He always does.

THE PRESIDENT: Yes. Mine can’t say the same thing.

MS. GINN: The Marines taught him well.

THE PRESIDENT: He’s a Marine?

MS. GINN: Yes.

THE PRESIDENT: Yes, ma’am. I appreciate it. I know you’re proud of him. Where is he? Is he out there? Yes, sir. Thanks for serving. Thank you. Yes, sir. He yelled, “Semper Fi,” at the Commander-in-Chief. Proudly received.

MR. GINN: Hoo-ah.

THE PRESIDENT: There you are. That’s enough.

Turns On The Charm

MS. CHILDERS: We are a very small company. I’m the only full-time employee besides my employer, and he can’t afford for us. And so I turned 35 last summer and my —

THE PRESIDENT: You don’t look a day over 34.

MS. CHILDERS: Most people say 22, but, thanks.

Tarzan See Tree

THE PRESIDENT: What do you do for a living?

MR. JENNINGS: I manage a nursery in McMinnville, Tennessee.

THE PRESIDENT: Really? Fantastic. Now’s your chance if you want to put a pitch out there for some rhododendron.

MR. JENNINGS: Those are coming in soon, by the way.

THE PRESIDENT: Yes, I’m just showing off a little — flora.

The Largest Real Estate Developer in Chatanooga = A Small Business

THE PRESIDENT: Will Smith, living the American Dream.

MR. SMITH: Thank you, Mr. President.

THE PRESIDENT: Is that an accurate statement?

MR. SMITH: Yes, it’s a correct statement.

THE PRESIDENT: You know, I love a society where a fellow like Will Smith says, I want to start my own business. We want people from all across the country saying, I want to take a risk and start my own business. It’s good for the country. Ownership is good for the country. Creating jobs through the small business sector is good for the country.

So tell us what you’re doing.

MR. SMITH: All right, I’m a developer, sir. I was one of the — we’re the largest real estate developer in the city right now.


THE PRESIDENT: We need to let Will and his employees be able to deduct a standard deduction of their income taxes so that he’s got just as good a chance to provide insurance for his employees that big companies do here in Chattanooga.

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