Your President Speaks!

Yesterday, in North Carolina.

Could The “Educator-In-Chief” Explain What “Better Intact” Means?

Thank you all very much. I like to tell people part of my job is to be the educator-in-chief. And today we’re at a really interesting facility in North Carolina to talk about what’s possible; what dreamers are doing to enable us to achieve a very important national goal, and that is to become less dependent on oil from overseas, thereby ensuring that our national security interests are better intact and our economic security interests are better intact and that we’re better stewards of the environment.

Grammarian’s Nightmare

A person who understands the vast potential in the lands here in North Carolina to make us less dependent on oil is Richard Burr.

Farmers are Its

I like the idea of a President being able to say, wow, the crop report is in, we’re growing more corn than ever before, which means we’re importing less oil from overseas. It’s an exciting time to think about that our farmers not only are going to grow what we need to eat, but it’s going to grow what we need to run our automobiles.

Putting the Egggheads In Their Place

I’m just a history major. And I’m with Ph.D.s. Let me remind you who the President is.


Look, here’s — I just told you the goal. The goal is for the United States to be — to diversify away from old, old ways. And it’s possible.

Not A Proper Use Of The English Language

And I do believe it is a proper use of your money, taxpayers’ money, to spend to encourage research on interesting ideas.

What You Got To Do

But if you really want to reduce the amount of oil that you consume, you got to reduce the amount of gasoline you use. In other words, if you say, we want to reduce our dependence on oil, what you really got to do is change gasoline usage in the United States.

Sic in the Head

And if we’re able to drive the first 40 miles, or, say, 20 miles, on gasoline [sic] there’s a lot of big-city folks that will never have to use a drop of gasoline on a daily basis.

Them Is Lithninum-Inon Battries

These are lithium-ion batteries, technology — so when you hear that term, you just got to know there’s a lot of folks and a lot of money aiming hard to get this to the market as quickly as possible.

What It Says

Secondly — and this is what we’re here to talk about today — is ethanol. It says that the new developments in ethanol — in other words, fuel derived from corn — can be diversified.

Invasion of the Cattlepeople

A lot of the cattle people around the United States — I have got a few of them in my home state of Texas — they’re worried about high corn prices affecting their making a livelihood.

Clean-up On Aisle Seven

And so how do — the question then is, how do you achieve your goal of less dependence on oil without breaking your farmers — without breaking your hog raisers — corn farmers happen to like it, but I’m talking about the — people dependent on corn.

China Demands More For Oil

In this case, being on the leading edge of technological change means that we’ll also be able to deal simultaneous with economic insecurities that come when China demands more for oil, the world produces less, the price of oil goes up, and so does the price of gas at the pump here in North Carolina; national security concerns where some people who’ve got oil don’t like us, and therefore, may be willing to use their energy resources to try to cause America to take a different view of the world; and environmental concerns.

Like, You’re The Dumbass?

THE PRESIDENT: And so Thomas, tell people what you do.

MR. NAGY: That was a — that was a nice introduction. Thank you, Mr. President. You may know, and many of you here — first of all, I want to welcome you very, very deep from my heart and from all my colleagues here in Franklinton, welcome to North Carolina, welcome to Novozymes, and also welcome to the guests here. 

THE PRESIDENT: Well, thank you. Like you’re the President, right?

He Asks, Eyes Widening

Now — so, is this a — is this like a huge distillery?

Not The Product Of A Leading-Edge Education

And I applaud the folks of North Carolina about being on the leading edge of education, and that’s why you got companies like here, like this company here, paying pretty good money for jobs, I guess.

Rather Than Quoting Himself

And the reason I quote a person who knows what he’s talking about when it comes to developments necessary to bring the cellulosic ethanol to market, I quote him because I presume in that optimism there’s realism.


What he referred to is something I should have talked about earlier, and that is I set a goal of the United States reducing our gasoline consumption by 20 percent over the next 10 years. That’s the 20-10 goal. In other words, it is a goal.

Kind Of Like Invading Iraq

Now, the reason I did this is I think it’s possible to do it. And the reason I think it’s possible to do it is because of people like Kevin telling me it’s possible. Remember, I’m the history major.

Said In The Year 2012

And so the advances you’ve seen in five years — if you’re able to take yourself back five years ago to today, it is a noticeable difference, a — obviously reduced the cost of enzyme, for example, which is an important development.

Sustain Its Use On Gasoline

The high price of energy has caused private capital to say that it’s going to be impossible for a society like the United States to sustain its use on gasoline.

We Must End Our Dependance On Energy

So we’ve got the government helping, but also you’ve just got to know that the private sector is very much involved with trying to invent the technologies necessary to take advantage of a society that recognizes it has to diversify away from energy.

What You Got To Know

And I repeat to you, we’re all connected, and so when a Chinese economy grows and their demand for oil goes up, it affects the price that you pay for gasoline. People got to know that.

There’s A Lot Of Automobiles

There’s a lot of automobiles in the Midwest that are filling up with 85 percent ethanol, called E85 pumps.

What One Of The Barriers Is Not

So one of the barriers to the advent of a lot of ethanol use is not the automobile.

Just So You KNow

And one reason — just so you know — one reason why there’s been such a push, is because when the price of oil went up from early 2001 to where it is today, about $60 a barrel, people saying, we may not be able to sustain this, we better get moving.

The President Dampens The Curve

When you’ve got Ph.D.s surrounding the President talking about doing what’s right, we’ve got a lot of brain power working on it.

Carbon Cycling Wasn’t On The Flash Cards

MR. ADOLPHSON: In Athens, yes — bio-refining and carbon cycling center that we’ve recently started in the last two years.

THE PRESIDENT: What is a bio — what is a carbon recycling center?

MR. ADOLPHSON: Carbon cycling.

THE PRESIDENT: Carbon cycling.

Shout Out to the Economists

The production needs to be close to the raw material and the users, is what you’re saying. And the economics.

People Won’t Be Saygin “Gosh” Ten Years From Now

Smart people are here working on some amazing technologies that — you know, that I believe 10 years from now people will say, gosh, it’s interesting that they were worried about this particular technology coming to fruition, because it’s coming to fruition.

Jeff Gannon Is In Da’ House!

And this is a coming time. It really is.

8 thoughts on “Your President Speaks!

  1. I wonder if it’s possible to take back his history degree. Speaking as someone with a BA in history, every time he mentions his degree, I feel as if he’s just devalued mine. I majored in history, too, but obviously I learned something about the world and the past, which is more than I can say about him.
    And Holden, I salute you — I couldn’t read through this shit without your ever-so-enlightening titles.

  2. Did anyone bother to mention yesterday that Novozymes is a Danish company…that he couldn’t even be bothered to find an American company to waste money visiting. He found it necessary to use Marine One to get from RDU to the facility. Grrrrr!

  3. “These are lithium-ion batteries, technology…”
    You’re telling me that the dufus hasn’t heard of Lithium Ion batteries before????? Assignment: see how many of his small electronic devices use Li-Ion batteries.
    Or did he not realize that the Li batteries used in large operations are different?

  4. “And I do believe it is a proper use of your money, taxpayers’ money, to spend to encourage research on interesting ideas.”
    I wonder if Shrub still considers Iraq “an interesting idea”?

  5. Maybe he thought that ‘lithium-ion’ was something from Star Trek, like the warp drive’s dilithium crystals that kept going kabloohee.

  6. Apparently he was even more booze-obsessed in the stuff that didn’t make it to the transcript —
    At one stop on his plant tour, Bush held up a beaker of ethanol, took a whiff and reminded his audience — and perhaps himself — that “I quit drinking in 1986.” At another point, Bush turned to his companion, Sen. Richard Burr, and said, “Senator, don’t drink this.” Burr then allowed as how in his family, there’s “a history of making this.”

  7. “Putting the Egggheads In Their Place–
    I’m just a history major. And I’m with Ph.D.s. Let me remind you who the President is.”
    Holden, do you happen to keep count of the number of times our nitwit in chief, when meeting the talented and successful people, makes this lame joke about being the president? He seems to think it is witty. To me, it screams “brain damage” and “out of control ego.”
    If you put a montage of these together, quotes of him making the same I’m the president “joke” to so many different people, it’d look what it is: sick. This is a man who had someone helping him along through every failure of his life, including his failure to be elected, and yet he feels he can crow about his position.

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