Allstate Really Sucks


(Lakeview August 2006, photo: scout)

Allstate has begun dropping New Orleans homeowner’s policies often improperly so

So after being back in her house for 15 months, Halvorsen
was surprised to receive a notice from Allstate Insurance
Co. around Christmas informing her that her insurance policy
was slated to be canceled because the house was abandoned
and in disrepair.

“I have a gardener that comes every two weeks. How
could they think this house is abandoned?” asked
Halvorsen, an organizer of the Krewe of St. Anne parade on
Mardi Gras. “I’ve even got garbage cans in front
of my house.”

Halvorsen is one of scores of local Allstate customers
who contend that their homeowners insurance coverage is
being improperly dropped at the conclusion of a temporary
state rule that has kept insurance policies in place since
the storm.

In recent days, the Louisiana Department of Insurance has
received 100 complaints from customers who are being
terminated at the end of Emergency Rule 23, which allows
insurance companies to begin canceling customers March 1,
after proper notification, if there’s no indication
that they plan to repair.

So far, all of the complaints have been about Allstate.

The Louisiana
Department of Insurance met with Allstate on Thursday…

About half of the complaints are from
people, such as Halvorsen, who say there’s no reason
for them to be dropped. The other half got cancellation
notices without ever receiving an initial letter warning
them and giving them the chance to rectify the situation.

Whittington said the department made a spreadsheet of the
complaints and plans to work with Allstate to make sure they
are resolved satisfactorily. If not, the company could face

“In many instances it’s clear that the
homeowner should not have been canceled, and those will be
corrected,” Whittington said. “Those folks should
be reinstated.”

Kate Hollcraft, a spokeswoman for Allstate, said her
company inspected properties and sent out notification
letters, where appropriate, that gave customers an
opportunity to provide documentation of their repair plans.

“Allstate is willing to further review the customer
situation on a case-by-case basis,” Hollcraft said.

Another review? Great, how long will that take? And to what end so Allstate can say well sue us? Undoubtably Allstate knows they can just wear people down and deal with a few lawsuits and the fines…people like Maitri‘s friend who got a cancellation letter…

Last night, she got a notice from her insurance company announcing
that coverage on the rental property will be dropped as of next month
because the house is now considered “abandoned.” Imagine a grown woman
crying in your arms because her house on which she paid insurance for 36 years will be booted off an insurance company’s roster without as much as a Thank You.

“Thirty six years I did the right thing, I paid in on time, never a
day behind on the bill. And what do I get in return? It makes me feel
so bad. All I want to do now is give those houses to my church and
never return to Louisiana.”

Allstate is scum


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  1. This is not the way to keep a functioning social contract going. As more and more people who’ve never done a damn thing wrong in their lives get shut out of the system more and more, the more the social fabric frays.
    Thanks a lot, corporate greedhead jerks. We’ll be sure to send the torch-bearing mobs to your gated communities.

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