From the influential former Iranian president Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani reported today in the Kuwait Times

“The Americans brought their troops with high spending to Iraq and
Afghanistan.The only thing they did was to remove Iran’s enemies,
Saddam Hussein and the Taliban,”
said Rafsanjani, president from 1989
to 1997. “They explicitly admit that their attempts ended up by serving
Iran’s interests,” the Iranian press quoted him as saying.

“Therefore they are angry. So we must be more alert. They are like a wounded tiger and we must not ignore this.”

(my emphasis)

The smarty pants neo-conservatives haven’t been right yet. It’s painfully obvious that their grand strategy of attacking Iraq to marginalize or better yet bring down the Iranian regime didn’t work. What is left for these wounded paper tigers but a direct attack on Iran? No one should listen to them ever again yet they still hold sway.

(Kuwait Times does not provide permalinks. For quote go to article “Iran readies to hit US ‘anywhere’ if attacked” in the side bar of Kuwait Times)

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  1. look at the bright side. georgie didn’t attack NK first. imagine how he would do against a real army.

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