“People’s Rebuke” to greet Bush in NOLA tomorrow

Bush will be down on the Gulf Coast for a photo op visit tomorrow. It will be his first such photo op visit to the area in 6 months. From Loki at Humid City we learn locals are planning an appropriate greeting…

Grass roots activists are going to meet 7pm Wednesday at the PHRF Headquarter (1418 N. Claiborne) to orchestrate a “people’s rebuke” when President Bush visits New Orleans on Thursday.

We’ll have more on the “people’s rebuke” and if you are a blogger I hope you’ll show some solidarity with our fellow Americans who are not OK by posting on it tomorrow at your site.

3 thoughts on ““People’s Rebuke” to greet Bush in NOLA tomorrow

  1. Virgo…hope to have a release or statement late today…maybe tomorrow am

  2. if ever someone deserved bein’ ‘buked and scorned, it’s W.
    Will there be something else today we should do, or just wait till the actual action?
    either way, I’m there.

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