People’s Rebuke for Bush’s Photo Op in NOLA today

Bush will be in New Orleans today. A Rebuke of Bush is planned at 2pm. Via Humid City is the statement of rebuke from Katrina Survivors…

(Near Freret and Napoleon)

New Orleans Needs Federal Aid, Not Presidential Photo-Ops.
Mr. President: Katrina Survivors Do Not Welcome You, We Rebuke You!

We live in a devastated city and you are a big part of the reason
why it sill sits in ruins. Your administration has abandoned our
children by savaging their public schools. Your administration has
tortured our working class people by refusing to reopen the city’s
public housing developments. And your administration is fully complicit
in placing our uninsured in harms way by ruthlessly pursuing the
privatization of local public healthcare in the aftermath of Katrina.
And, finally your administration is guilty of sending our sons and
daughters of to war for oil and empire just when we need them most to
help us rebuild our community.

Mr. President, we, Katrina Survivors all, do not welcome you to our city, we rebuke you!

Sponsored by Survivors Village, United Front For Affordable Housing.

If you have a blog please consider posting this today.

5 thoughts on “People’s Rebuke for Bush’s Photo Op in NOLA today

  1. The best show of support is to repost and forward this as much as possible. Get a dialogue started, particularly outside on NOLA about the broken promises of the Jackson Square speech. Unlike the rest of the Gulf Coast, our woes are federally based. It was the failure of the federally built levees that drowned my city, and the inaction following that has caused such titanic heartache for all New Orleanians.
    From the Forbidden Zone I salute and thank you all!

  2. Paul…Posting this would be a way to support them today and I see you already have done so at Shakespeare’s Sister…as have quite a few other blogs.
    Hopefully we’ll get an account and photos of the People’s Rebuke at the school bush is visiting today and we’ll pass them along.

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