Known knowns and Walter Reed

From the TimesOnline

Problems at Walter Reed have been known to officials at the highest level for
some time.

Joyce Rumsfeld
, the wife of the then defence secretary, made a surreptitious
visit to the hospital at the urging of a concerned friend last October.

She attended a support meeting for the wives and mothers of soldiers known as
a “girls’ time out” and heard their complaints. At the end of the meeting,
she asked a social worker whether her husband was getting the truth about
conditions there — or whether the soldiers he met were being hand-picked to
paint a rosy picture.

They were being hand-picked, the social worker replied.

When Walter Reed officials found out that Joyce Rumsfeld had been secretly
invited, her friend — a frequent volunteer — was told she was no longer
welcome at the hospital.

3 thoughts on “Known knowns and Walter Reed

  1. Just for a moment, lets imagine is was Clinton’s fault. That being the case, Shrubco went into war and the condition has been with the war wounded for 6 years now. And for 6 years, Shrub has been covering this up in order to protect Clinton.
    Yeah. Right.

  2. I just heard on Barbara Simpson on Talk radio that it’s all Clinton’s fault. And a caller said that Clinton balanced the budget on the backs of the soldier’s medical care.
    I’m not making that up. Nice that he admitted that the budget was balanced. Didn’t mention what great shape the army was before Bush squandered their blood and our treasure.

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