Harold Ford Jr. Joins Fox News

Sheesh. From mediabistro

It’s official: “Former Congressman Harold Ford, Jr. has joined FOX News as a political contributor to the network’s news programming,”Roger Ailes
announced today. “He will be under contract with FOX News to provide
political commentary and analysis on international events and the 2008

Meanwhile Dems and the Congressional Black Caucus are saying no to Fox.

UPDATE:Think Progress updates that CBC may still do one Fox debate.
Well Ailes got one Dem for sure

2 thoughts on “Harold Ford Jr. Joins Fox News

  1. And just in time for Fox’s “Democrats taken over by extremists!!11!!1!!” narrative, too!
    Get your ass kicked in a Senate race today…become a Fox contributor tomorrow. Quite a career arc for DLC also-rans.

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