NBC News on Defective Pumps in New Orleans

NBC’s Martin Savidge reports on the defective pumps in New Orleans (2 min.)…

And from Matt at Fix the Pumps

3) The test last Saturday, like the one last night, only went for about
an hour. That was not mentioned in the Times-Picayune article. But ALL
the floodgate pumps (there are no spares in case one or more fails
during a storm) will have to run for 12 or maybe 24 hours during a
tropical storm or hurricane. Why isn’t the Corps running tests for the
media that last that long? Because they know the pumps and their drive
units probably can’t hold out for that long.

Don’t buy what the Corps is selling.

3 thoughts on “NBC News on Defective Pumps in New Orleans

  1. “I’d love to see who were the rejected contractors who were bidding on the deal.”
    quite so, and what made MWI so attractive, ostensibly, considering its track record. Maybe it promised to have a swifter turnaround than the others? (Not knowing how bad the 2006 hurricane season was going to be, I imagine the ACE was dropping bricks trying to get a schedule that would allow for some protection over the ’06 season at short notice.) If so, then why, when it was demonstrated that the system MWI was installing was inadequate, did the ACE not say “enough already!” and withdraw the contract and get the job redone by one of the other would-be bidders? If we’re talking about human lives and an entire civic economy, money should not be an object to ensuring a competent job is done. Contractors for other manufacturers have been dropped over much less momentous gaffes.
    Anyway, nice to see a network newscast (rather than the local WWL) covering this scandal.

  2. That is interesting and pretty damning. And Pluege, I agree with you. What massive ripoff of the people is NOT connected with a Friend of the Bushes.
    The question is. “Was this pump company the best? or the Best with a connection into the Bush family”
    Government contracts where lives are in danger are especially scary. I wonder if there weren’t some other pumps that already existed that they could have used? You don’t suppose the Dutch had any clues?
    I’d love to see who were the rejected contractors who were bidding on the deal.

  3. gee, no mention in the NBC story about the pumps being supplied by a long time business partner of jebby bush. I wonder how that little piece of information could have missed their crack reporters. I guess NBC figured that massive government failure endangering the lives of thousands of Americans at the hands of bush cronies and sycophants wouldn’t interest anyone, particularly the people of New Orleans.

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