Counting your pumps before they…ah pump

The winter 2006 edition of Industrial Engine, published on behalf of Caterpillar Inc. whose engines are incorporated with MWI pumps, had an article on Keeping New Orleans Dry that is reminiscent of Mission Accomplished given what was disclosed this week on MWI’s defective pumps installed in New Orleans.

The detailed project was completed in about six months, with the pumps operational just in time for the start of this hurricane season. Thankfully there was no hurricane this year and ongoing testing is still being performed.

Thankfully indeed.

Two quotes of interest. The first is from Marc Boudet who is MWI vice president of sales and administration. The second is from MWI project manager Daren Eller, son of MWI owner David Eller…

“This was a huge undertaking from the contractors to the Army Corp of Engineers to the local engineers to our project management team to our suppliers,” explains Boudet. “If any of these parties had failed, the project wouldn’t have happened. But everyone stepped up to the plate and it was a good team effort.”

And what was at stake was a huge driving factor.

“We all had critical dates for putting pumping capacity online,” explains Eller.“If we didn’t meet those deadlines, we put the people of Louisiana at risk.” (emphasis mine)

Or if the pumps installed were defective

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  1. Interesting: Eller’s son works in his dad’s company and Robert Scherer III works in HIS daddy’s law firm! How adorable! (Robert Scherer is the MWI lawyer and spokesman.)
    Robert Scherer, Jr. it should be noted, is a member of the Bush Rangers, a group of the president’s biggest campaign fundraisers; he also led the team of attorneys that helped litigate Bush into the White House following the contested 2000 election, according to
    Makes one wonder if the Eller’s and Scherer’s ever had a boys night out with George and Jeb during a sleep over in the White House?

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