Your President Speaks!

Today, in Kansas City.

Go With Your First Instincts, Chimpy

My impressions are — is that American automobile companies are essential to keeping us competitive, essential to providing good jobs, and these manufacturing facilities are full of some really — finest citizens in our country.

The Beginning Of Helping

The Ford plant, the GM plant are producing automobiles that are the beginning, really, of helping this country develop a wise energy policy and a wise environmental policy.

That’s What I Call It

I believe that — I call it 20/10; in other words, reduce gasoline usage by 20 percent over 10 years.

Maybe He Meant “Lithium Ironic Batteries”

So part of the strategy has got to be for the federal government to promote research and development on technologies that will enable us to become the leader in battery technologies — lithium ionic batteries.

Must Feed The Gasoline

Remember, oil is the feedstock for gasoline.

In…  What?

And I predict relatively quickly that you’ll be making automobiles that will have this battery technology in.

And There Was Much Rejoicing!

And finally — (applause) — and finally, it’s now becoming in the marketplace.

A Ford Pockup Truck Made Out Of Wood Chips Does Sound Far-Fetched

It may sound far-fetched to some that one of these days we’ll be making a product that can go into a Ford pickup truck out of wood chips, and you’ll be able to drive just like it was full of gasoline, but those days are around the corner.

And I Want A Bike And A Monkey And A Friend For The Monkey

It’s really interesting, isn’t it, for the President to be talking about one of these days people driving pickup trucks driven by ethanol — fueled by ethanol from wood chips? Is it real? I think it is.

What The Big Gains Are Going To Come Through By

But the big gains in this 20/10 program are going to come through by alternative fuels.

What We Got

We got a lot of coal in America.

There Is A Lot Of Folks

I know there’s a lot of folks who worry about nuclear power.

I Want To Worry About The Environment

If you really do want to become less dependant on foreign sources of energy and want to worry about the environment, there’s no better way to protect the environment than the renewable source of energy called nuclear power.

You Know You’ve Bombed When You Have To Explain Your Joke

I do believe wind power makes sense. All we’ve got to do is put a couple of turbines in Washington, D.C. and we’ll be energy free. There’s a lot of a lot of hot air there, you know.

One thought on “Your President Speaks!

  1. “I call it 20/10; in other words, reduce gasoline usage by 20 percent over 10 years.”
    Now that I’ve done the hard part and come up with the slogan, any failure is the fault of the people?????
    “the leader in battery technologies — lithium ionic batteries.”
    Can I derail him by pointing out that Li+ batteries are used in the manufacture of meth?
    BTW – Think Progress passes along a report Unkie Karl is there with him and blew his stack at a reporter who asked his opinion of Danforth replacing Gonzalez.

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