OMG calling Rose Mary Woods

Ai Yi Yi I’ll die if it’s an 18 1/2day gap. It’s feeling more and more like Watergate. From Think Progress…

“In DOJ documents that were publicly posted by the House Judiciary Committee, there is a gap from mid-November to early December in e-mails and other memos,
which was a critical period as the White House and Justice Department
reviewed, then approved, which U.S. attorneys would be fired while also
developing a political and communications strategy for countering any
fallout from the firings.”

Michael this one calls out to you…


Rose Mary Woods demonstrating how she may have erased tape recordings.

UPDATE: WooHoo!Michael has responded with Rose Mary Rovey…


And a few more in comments

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6 thoughts on “OMG calling Rose Mary Woods

  1. It could totally happen. That Delete button is *huge*, and I’m always accidentally bumping it with my elbow every time I move around.

  2. my problem is accidently erasing my email before i send it.
    all they need is a puter wiz to retrieve. right? RIGHT?!?
    is anybody following the money?

  3. Lemme see what I can do…just got back from my weekly exercise (tennis match–alas, I got clobbered). They say exercise is good for you…well, if it doesn’t kill you first.

  4. OK, like the plague victim in Monty Python, I’m not dead yet…hmmm…so, who could be the culprit?
    Alberto Mary Woods…or would that be Rose Mary Gonzales?
    But, then again, this administration runs everything out of the political wing…Rose Mary Rove?
    Or, I dunno–I remember reading that they think the clumsy erasure of the 18 and a half minute gap (five separate erasure instances, sort of overlapping) meant that it had to be the then commander in chief, the original Tricky Dick. Yet another legacy for Shrub-boy to follow
    Scout, please feel free to use any of those if you like.

  5. Oh, shoot–I forgot…probably because my first Rove attempt caused Photoshop to crash (go figure–even an inanimate computer program has standards, I guess)…I meant to add a small logo for The Gap, for obvious reasons. For example:
    On a slightly–and I mean slightly–brighter note, after I got beat like a gong in tennis I overheard the person who clobbered me talking to his team captain…in the course of the conversation (long story there) they both expressed the opinion that Sean Hannity is an idiot. On the other hand, they both gave Bill O’Rielly high marks.
    Well, shit–this IS one of the reddest parts of red-state Loosiana. And a small dent in the armor is better than no dent at all…

  6. Someone check my memory. I believe as part of the defense against “ter-ruh” that something went through that required companies to keep server-level logs of emails for quite some time (something like a year).
    Wouldn’t it be embarrasing if the WH doesn’t even do what it requires businesses to do as a “necessary” defense against foreign enemys?????

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