Army of One

Stop the presses! One of the ten Bush family members of prime military age has actually signed up!George Pee Bush, the thirty-year-old son of former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, has been selected as one of 15 prospective ensigns for the intelligence unit of the Navy reserves.

Congratulations, George Pee!

Now, if we can only get the other nine military-age Bush family members to sign up for the most important war of their generation.

Those family members are Jeb’s other son Jebbie

Jeb’s daughter Noelle

Chimpy’s own daughters Jenna

And NotJenna

Neil’s kids Lauren

Ashley (right, with sister Lauren)

Peirce (right, with famous Austin homelss cross-dresser Leslie)

Marvin’s daughter Marshall (center)


And Doro Bush Koch’s son Sam LeBlond (far left with arm around Jenna)

Come on, Bushies, do your part!

9 thoughts on “Army of One

  1. This is not relevant to the military aspect, but did you notice that in the picture, GW has boots on with the presidential seal on them? He desperately needs to feel important doesn’t he.

  2. I can’t believe there is a photo of Jenna’s Bush on the internet. This is a President’s daughter. What a skank!
    What was that about returning respect and dignity to the oval office?

  3. Is that assignment somewhere near the Texas Air National Guard, by any chance?

  4. oh hell. george p elected? when oh when will be rid of this stain of a family???

  5. Joining the reserves. Good.
    Which member of the next generation of Bushies is already planning his political career?
    Naval intelligence. In a desert war.
    Which member of the next generation of Bushies is *not* planning on putting his ass in harm’s way?

  6. You know, Holden, I don’t have a problem with Leslie’s ass because Leslie is our homey and we all love him. Even Molly Ivins loved Leslie.
    But I just plain don’t wanna see Jenna’s hoo ha.
    Ever again.

  7. An officer in a reserve naval intelligence unit? This is a complete boondogle. All you do is go through what they call the “knife and fork school”, two weeks of essentially military etiquette training. Then, out of nowhere, you get a officer’s commission. It’s not the “officer and a gentleman” stuff at all. More of a finishing school for well connected upper class males. By far the easiest way to obtain an officer’s commission anywhere in the US military today.

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