Breaux To Run If…

From the Times Picayune

BATON ROUGE — Former U.S. Sen. John Breaux said Friday that he will run
for governor this fall if an opinion from state Attorney General
Charles Foti says he meets the legal qualifications to do so.


Breaux said he will seek the legal opinion from Foti now instead of
waiting until the Sept. 4-6 qualifying for the Oct. 20 primary. “I
expect a quick turnaround on this,” Breaux said.


“If it is affirmed by the attorney general, I plan to be a candidate for governor,” Breaux said.

3 thoughts on “Breaux To Run If…

  1. The really fun line from this story is here.
    “The state Republican Party has already started running election commercials labeling Breaux an outsider and a Washington lobbyist, who has registered to vote in Maryland and is not longer a citizens of the state.
    “They have encouraged me to be a candidate” by running the attacks, Breaux said. ”

  2. Kind of hard to paint a guy named ‘Breaux’ as an outsider in Louisiana.
    It’s like saying Bill Daley isn’t welcome back in Chicago after working in DC.

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