Dude, Get A Room

Matt Lewis writing at The Politico:

This brings me to Newt Gingrich. The former House speaker from Georgia might be the only Republican presidential candidate, declared or otherwise, who has the potential to be romantic.


Something tells me we are heading into a time when conservatives will be willing to jump in the proverbial convertible and head to Vegas on a whim. Hey, Newt’s driving.

4 thoughts on “Dude, Get A Room

  1. …well, hell, here’s hoping that hoards of Republicans become drunk with the romantic power of Newt’s “cutting-edge ideas” and leap into that convertible with him. Maybe they can swing by Moab and have the ultimate “Thelma and Louise” ride…

  2. Ask his divorced wife how romantic he was when he served her with divorce papers over the phone, while cheating with a House clerk, while pursuing Clinton for a private, personal matter.
    Fucking conservatives will lie about anything…

  3. You have to possess a real soul and heart to be romantic. Newt has neither, he is more of an android than Cheney is. At least Cheney stayed married to one person.

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