To the Moon, Tom Delay! To the Moon!

In a WaPo article on Democrats efforts to address housing issues is this nugget on who blocked the Baker bill in Congress. Baker’s bill addressed post Katrina housing and had bi-partisan support in Louisiana.

Despite soaring rents and complaints of a deepening affordability
crisis, House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-Tex.) told his conference
that he didn’t want to see housing bills on the floor. He thought
housing programs were unreformed welfare — and they competed for the
same pot of money in an annual funding bill as his beloved NASA.


After the storm wiped out 82,000 rental units in New Orleans, DeLay blocked a housing bill from Richard H. Baker (R-La.) because, sources said, the majority leader did not consider Baker a “team player.”

So instead Louisiana had to wait for the Road Home program and we know how that has gone.

Heckuva job Delay



This is a poster in the Louis Armstrong School in the lower 9th Ward. This devastated school has not been touched since Katrina. Nothing has been done with it.See here. It would certainly be considered a danger to children of the neighborhood if there were any but thanks to Tom Freaking Delay there is no housing for children there. Ray has more on the school in his post Children of Men of New Orleans. Now, given Delay’s bad behavior I’m thinking of it as Children of a WATB Child.