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  1. I remember years ago thinking that one sign that women have achieved full equality is that their sports teams will no longer be diminutive or “cute” versions of the men’s (i.e., “real”) teams. I mean, schools don’t have different team names or mascots for different sports, so why are the women’s teams always the “Lady Vikings” or some such BS?

  2. Hee Hee no one called us Lady anything.
    I’m sure that came later to counter exactly the characterization we faced

  3. That’s a wonderful story, and my friends and I used to sing that song, too. Love Helen Reddy.

  4. Scout, beautifully written piece and a great message. I knew a lot of oppression, prejudice, discrimination, and hate had gone underground. But, I really never thought America could roll back so many advances so far and so fast.
    We all worried about the horrible impact George Bush and the Republicans would have upon America and the principles of democracy. And, we were right to anticipate their rotten behavior. But, I had hoped our country had fallen in love the principles and ideals of equality to a far greater degree than what we are witnessing today.
    George Bush and the Republicans have seized power of the media and in their control of government have undermined so many democratic principles that it’s sickening and astonishing. Sadly, it will take years to restore many of the precious principles of democracy they have undermined.
    Brilliance like what you’ve written here today gives me hope. Thank you.

  5. That was both inspiring and damn depressing. Hard to believe we’re still fighting this fight decades later…

  6. I can attest to scout’s jockishness, having witnessed it firsthand.
    Good post, but it seemed to me that Imus & Co’s problem was not so much with women playing basketball, it was with women who didn’t look like blonde sorority cutie-pies playing basketball.
    Then again, if that’s what they were worried about, then I guess they weren’t really looking at it as women playing basketball so much as women running around in shorts.

  7. Well…I agree with you totally.
    The way to get rid of this sort of thing is to refuse to support it.
    Don’t watch or listen to any show where this sort of racist, sexist bullshit is allowed.
    Don’t have anything to do with anyone who watches or listens to such.
    Don’t buy anything from the advertisers.
    Make sure everybody knows you doing these things and why.
    Sounds easy but we both know it’s not. But there ya go. It wasn’t easy for women to get the vote. The corporatist pigs didn’t let people take weekends off without a fight.
    Imus ain’t the problem.
    It’s the fascist corporate scum who created him who must learn.
    Not to tread on us.
    Any of us.

  8. Thank you, scout. I got to be a (sort of) jock because of people like you. When I played soccer in the 80s, I never had the sense that I was facing the kind of attitudes you faced. That’s why the Imus thing was such a surprise to me. I guess I’d just assumed that there were so many women like me, who’d done all of this before, that there wasn’t anybody left with those kind of neanderthal sensibilities.
    Silly me.
    And thanks especially for the Helen Reddy. I always loved her voice–instantly recognizable, in the best possible way.

  9. I knew we’d raised our daughter right when, as a high school freshman on the basketball team, she heard an announcement over the PA that the “freshman basketball game had been cancelled.” So she didn’t show up to play in it. Her coach said, basically, “where the hell were you?” Daughter explained that she thought the game had been cancelled. Coach, who mind you, was on the winning women’s NCAA basketball team a few years back, said, “But they didn’t say “GIRLS basketball game cancelled.” Until then, daughter had not thought about the “difference” in athletics. We’ve taken to calling our local Univ’s women’s team “The Bears” and the men’s team, “The Men Bears” because the diminuitive is so annoying.

  10. Scout, it’s a wonderful story, wonderfully written. You showed ’em. It’ too bad that you had to fight for it. It’s too bad we have not made more progress. Who listens to someone like Imus anyway?

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