On Breaux’s qualification

Foti punts

BATON ROUGE – The question of whether former U.S. Sen. John Breaux
will run for governor remained up in the air Friday after the state
attorney general declined to issue an opinion on the issue of Breaux’s
legal qualifications.

A statement from Attorney General Charles Foti said “the issue of
whether Mr. Breaux has remained a Louisiana citizen for the preceding
five years is an issue of fact, and one that appears certain to be
litigated. Due to the restrictions imposed by law as well as this
office’s policies and historical practice, I must refrain from
rendering an opinion on the ultimate issue of whether Mr. Breaux meets
the qualifications to become a candidate in the governor’s race.”

One thought on “On Breaux’s qualification

  1. Well…shit. Foti must be wearing his invertebrate/jellyfish suit.
    I’m not that big of a John Breaux fan. To be perfectly honest, to me he’s Edwin-Lite, but I don’t doubt he’d clean Bobby Jindal’s smug little clock without so much as working up a sweat. Yesterday, my morning commute was longer than usual (off-site conference)…I listened to Roy Fletcher–a GOP consultant–throw the world’s biggest hissy fit re: Breaux’s candidacy, on a local public radio show.
    The GOP is scared of him.
    After all, it took a lot of “hard work” to ensure New Orleans was, in their words, “remade demographically” (I hope you can smell the sarcasm dripping off the plate there). In one fell swoop, Breaux could throw a real monkey wrench into their plans to capitalize on that.

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