3 thoughts on “Breaux will Not Run for Louisiana Governor

  1. This falderal about Breaux’s residency is really no surprise–he lived across the street from me here on Capitol Hill (DC) for about three years, then sold the house last fall…
    (Though I must admit I can’t say with 10000000% certainty it was him that actually lived there–but the house was owned by John Breaux, the guy who lived there had a car with Louisiana plates, and was often being picked up and dropped off by car services/drivers. And when the house was getting ready to be put on the market, there was a legion of work trucks with Louisiana plates working there for weeks.)

  2. I don’t suppose the attorney general is a Republican by any chance? Nah. They’d never play politics with something like this. And are all those upright white people really going to vote for someone with such a good tan? Even if he says all the right things?

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