Your Pissy President Speaks!

Just a quicke from today’s versionof the standard petulant speech.

If The Topic Were “Penis Storage” He’d Be All Over It, Right JimmyJeff?

And the idea of putting, you know, peanut storage — which may be necessary at some point in time; I don’t know, I haven’t analyzed the peanut storage issue, but I do know it doesn’t have much to do with about making sure your loved ones get what’s needed to do their job.

2 thoughts on “Your Pissy President Speaks!

  1. 91%, i missed the $7.25. i gave them the benefit of intelligence to raise it to $8.25. i was squishy on that. it was between 7 and 8.
    looks like women are extra stupid. but then fluff is directed straight at us. guys get sports.
    but that quiz was extremely easy. shit. god forbid they ask some civics questions.
    did i mention i love tests? i miss tests. in grade school i adored standardized test day. ment a ‘vacation’ from school. go figure.

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